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The Zoya Factor Promotions Has Bollywood Sharing All Sorts Of Superstitions. Are We Sure We Want To Promote That?

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One thing that I’ve come to realise is that Bollywood is really upping its game when it comes to the movies, and it’s no longer just limited to what comes on the screen. Especially when it comes to the promotions and the days leading up to the big release. And one such movie that has caught all of our attention with its incredibly entertaining promotions is Sonam Kapoor’s upcoming release – The Zoya Factor. To promote the movie, Sonam Kapoor has taken to post daily vlogs, everyday till the movie hits the screens. But she and her team have also thrown in a series of  confessions by B-town celebrities about their own lucky charms and superstitions. Sonam Kapoor too, talked about her own superstitions.

In a recent interview, the Veere Di Wedding star, Sonam Kapoor talked about her own superstitions – that certain actions in her life bring her good luck. Or so she believes. She said, “There’s one thing that I do. I never stand and dub. I always sit and dub. Yes, that is a superstition. Because every time when I stand and dub, my film doesn’t do well.” And well, we don’t know how to tell her that it might not be the reason for it. Not even close actually. Because the thing is, at the end of the day it is just that – an irrational belief, one that must not be promoted at the scale it is being right now, considering how rampant this concept is in a country like India.

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I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that while growing up, I had my own superstitions that were passed on to me from my parents. Like not crossing the road when a black cat does and the likes of it. But that was until I grew up or knew better, to finally realise how all of this is nothing but a way to justify an irrational belief and orthodox traditions, and one that is very discriminatory to black cats for no fault of theirs.

So today, when celebrities have revealed what they hold close to their heart, you know, their own charms and superstitions, we are dragging society back by a couple of centuries. And don’t get us wrong, we understand the intent for such promotions is to casually stir a conversation around their movie The Zoya Factor, where Sonam Kapoor plays the role of being a lucky charm for the Indian Cricket Team. But, all we’re saying is that, as filmmakers and people holding the power to influence and drive change, they could be a little more careful about where to lead the conversation to, especially if it means promoting a concept that runs unrestrained in a country like India. After all, we don’t want to end up justifying crimes in the name of age old superstitions.

On the work front, talking more about the movie and the role she takes, Sonam shared, “I think young boys and girls were not rightly represented in our films for the longest time. When a character is imperfect, it becomes more relatable because, in real life, we are not perfect. Most of the characters I have portrayed are imperfect, but they represents us. For me, these are real characters. In films, we tend to show the lead character as a perfect one — like, the hero has the solution to everything, and the villain is so dark, and the girl has to be perfect in everything. It’s not real. I like to play characters that represent real people, rather than being aspirational on screen,” and that was perhaps something we’d agree to. Her film hits the screens on 20th September.

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