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People Called Celine Dion ‘Scarily Thin’ And We Think People Really Need To Get A Life

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I am a very curious and an anxious person, like in general. But if there is one question that I am dying to ask, or rather, dying to get the answer to, because who am I kidding, I ask too many questions and way too bluntly, it is that what kick do people get out of body shaming others? No I seriously want to know, because there has to be a good enough reason to go ahead and call people too fat, too thin or too perfect.  Especially after a lot of people did on the internet after seeing Celine Dion at the Paris Fashion Week.

The singer who stole all of our hearts with her powerful voice and hit song – My heart will go on- was recently snapped while attending the Paris Fashion Week in a long transparent dress with a plunging neckline. But what was really low was the steady stream of comments that followed on the singing sensation’s picture calling her ‘scarily thin’. Now we understand that Celine did look thinner than before, and not that it is anyone’s business, to trash the celebrity and pass comments like, “The dress symbolizes degeneration of human tissue, vitality and all things of life. A slow decomposition. This is a sad look. I’ve seen many an old lady wrapped in finer grace with eternity beaming from their hearts. This is the opposite.” is taking it a bit too far and a tad too low.

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A similar incident had taken place earlier in July when the actress was performing and suffered a wardrobe malfunction, where again many people who call themselves ‘concerned fans’ took to social media to pass their absurd judgements about her weight loss. Well yes, she’s lost a few pounds, but is it really worth trolling a celebrity over this? Or do we really have nothing left to do than bung out mean words for everyone left, right and centre, because it’s safe under the blanket of anonymity covers?

And this isn’t the first time, that netizens have taken the liberty of trashing celebrities as they deem fit, but now it happens so often that we’re tired of even rolling our eyes. Every thing from their hair to body to clothes to even words is taken, dissected, misjudged and then sold all over the internet to a few non-humorous trolls. And just because we have unsolicited access to such pictures, we do what we do best – take advantage of that internet plan to do all sorts of non-good to the world.

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