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Vidya Balan’s Video About Body Shaming Says All The Right Things And It Will Make You Tear Up!

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The internet is has a lot of content. Some viral, some meme-worthy and then some that disappear into the blackhole of the digital universe. There are only a few pieces of content that are not just relevant but also cater to the need of the hour. We stumbled upon a heart-breaking video of the Kahaani actress Vidya Balan that talks about body shaming and we think we all need to watch it.

The video has a strong message it wants to put across and does it well. It starts with the actress taking help of popular Hindi songs, tweaking the lyrics to talk about the hard-hitting reality of harassment and bullying that women are subjected to on the daily.

The video sees Vidya Balan tear up and break down while addressing just how cruel and disturbing such comments on one’s body, hair, eyes, colour and the likes of it, can be. What is said in less than a fraction of a second, without thought and perhaps without malice, coils through the self-confidence of an individual, leaving them feeling vulnerable and unaccepted. It’s hurtful.

As the video continues, the actress continues to sing the changed lyrics. Then, there’s a pause and she is shown taking off the pallu of her black saree, putting on a bold and unabashed look on her face and embracing herself just the way she is. She looks like she’s saying, this is me. Love me as I am.

Even on her personal account, Vidya has been at the receiving end of harsh and insensitive comments about her weight gain, time and again, which she has always graciously shrugged. It takes a lot to be comfortable in your skin and Vidya Balan has always been proud to share that she accepts and loves herself, no matter what the numbers on the scale say.

The intensity of feeling in the video is almost tangible, leaving you with goosebumps. People may know this already, but they need to be reminded that body-shaming, or any sort of shaming for that matter, is simply not cool.

And Balan here, has ensured to make that point loud and clear, receiving praise from all over the internet.


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