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Jason Momoa Called Out For Having ‘Dad Bod’ Reminds Us Of All The Times Actresses Get Body Shamed!

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You’d think after spending a substantial amount of time working in the media industry, covering what is happening around the world, being in the know of lives of celebrities and the kind of trolling they are subjected to, that you’d grow a thick skin against all the hate and the social media bullying, but you’d be wrong. I spend my days reading about things that constantly put me off, and quite recently, one that did was the kind of trolling Jason Momoa is being subjected to.

For the uninitiated, Jasom Momoa is the guy who plays Aquaman in the DC universe and legitimately stole our hearts away with all that sass. The actor recently got snapped while he was vacationing with wife Lisa Bonet in Venice and as is usually the case, was spotted and pictures were clicked. Now this guy is dreamy. What followed then, was shocking. He was at the receiving end  of absolutely unnecessary and humiliating trolling by netizens, calling him out for having a ‘dad bod’. Clearly these people have gotten the concept of utilising and wasting away their time all mixed up. And honestly, it sparked a lot of rage in me.

Not only because I loved the guy as both Khal Drogo and then Aquaman, and that he gives me butterflies in my tummy every time he smirks, but because people can’t neither seem to mind their own business, nor accept a person for who he is. The ‘dad bod’ comments that were rudely waved at him, were offensive not just to Jason, who has every right to gain or lose how many pounds as he pleases, but also to dads; and I’ll take the liberty here and say it, real-life moms out there, who are shamed for gaining weight right after they deliver.

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I mean, what even? This constant pressure that celebrity moms (often more than the celebrity dads) face of having to look picture perfect and size zero is a problem at so many levels, not the least that it promotes an unhealthy ideal of what beauty is or can be, and feeling entitled to even comment on it. And while such things are still fairly new and rare for men, women have been given shit for a long time now. An actress gains a little weight and there will be a barrage of comments on that extra fat. How is this everyone’s problem?

Be it the pressure of looking toned even while pregnant or immediately after the birth, it is like they are always running on a clock, and sometimes even when they’re not really pregnant. And other times, if it is not the weight in question, it is the clothes expecting mothers wear or rather are expected to wear. The netizens just refuse to mind their business and honestly it has become too damn annoying and it needs to stop. Be it Neha Dhupia, Sameera Reddy or even Kareena Kapoor, the actresses have always been expected to live up to ridiculous standards, during and post their pregnancies and we think it is not just unfair but very uncool.

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