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Sona Mohapatra Revealed How Sonu Nigam Called Her Husband To Keep Her “In Check” When She Outed Anu Malik During #MeToo

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In the recent years, of the million things that I have learned, experienced or even picked up as skills, the one most crucial realisation I have dawned upon is that being a woman doesn’t mean you don’t have to have a voice. In fact, women have finally begun to stray away from ‘weak’ and are now being perceived as ‘strong’ which loosely translates to ‘done with your shit.’. And while we are proud of making that switch from easy targets to the ones that will bring down the people are the powers that be, we are marching ahead. In the process, we may have rubbed people the wrong way, something we are okay with. Singer Sonu Nigam is one who has second hand accusation issues, and he is upset with Sona Mohapatra who accused Anu Malik during the #MeToo movement.

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The #MeToo movement that had hit India last year with actress Tanushree Dutta headlining the movement as she came to the fore to accuse actor Nana Patekar for sexual harassment, started a domino effect of calling out every sexual predator who had been comfortably nesting for a little too long. With big and heavy names tumbling out of closet during the course of the year, the country has witnessed numerous accounts of harassment cases coming up, as women empowered each other to be brave and come forward in this fight for justice.

And while Bollywood, that otherwise needs no reason to romanticize anything, kept its safe distance from the movement what with hushed or no comments at all on the state of affairs, there were a select few celebrities who did not mince their words. Singer Sona Mohapatra being one those very few who did not just show tremendous support and faith in the movement, but also came out with her own accusations against fellow singer Anu Malik and Kailash Kher. What followed was a very predictable series of events, where neither of the accused took responsibility for their actions, instead sentenced themselves to a social media exile, only to came back to their jobs like nothing had happened. But that was not what riled us up, okay well it wasn’t the only thing. Apparently coming to the rescue of these dudes in distress (but only for a little bit) was Sonu Nigam, who allegedly called up Sona’s husband to keep her in check.

Taking to twitter yet again, Sona Mohapatra continued to be unbridled with her words, as she disclosed just how singer Sonu Nigam had jumped to the defence of Anu Malik last year and even made a call to her husband Ram Sampath to ‘Keep me in check’, said Sona. Netizens chimed in as well, “I saw #AnuMalik back on #IndianIdol Seems like all the men who were outed during #MeToo last year are back in business. Of course they have been acquitted of their charges by committees led by their well wishers. All the courage mustered by women going down the drain.”

To that, the singer replied, “Sonu Nigam championed the cause of Anu Malik publicly & his right to be earning millions on national TV while saying he’s his mothers son etc to justify his understanding of @IndiaMeToo. Had called Ram Sampath to ‘keep me in check’ while calling me a ‘terrorist’.Must be happy now.”

Sona Mohapatra further to this, shared a clipping of a newspaper about #MeToo and wrote, “It takes only a Nirbhaya level tragedy for #India to wake up? Few days after these,I was asked to leave my judge seat. My co-judge told me,the publicity I provided to Anu Malik took up the trps of our ‘rival’ show. (?!) A year later, a sexual predator is back on the same seat.”

First of all, why does Sonu Nigam need to call Sona’s husband to keep her in check? Grow a pair and call the woman. Say it to her face. It stinks of cowardice and toxic masculinity when you call a husband to “control” the wife. Absolute bollocks.

Sona wasn’t also the only one to put allegations on Anu Malik for his sexual misconduct. In light of the flak he had been receiving for joining back the panel of judges at show Indian Idol, famous Singer Neha Bhasin too shared how she was also made to feel uncomfortable during her interactions with the accused. She tweeted, “I agee with you. We do live in a very sexist world. Anu Malik is a predator, i too have run away from his strange moves when i was 21. I didn’t let myself get into a sticky situation beyond him lying on a sofa in front of me talking about my eyes in a studio. I fled lying my mums waiting below. He even msgd and called me after that to which i stopped responding. The point is i went to give him my cd and hope for a chance at a song. He was older and shouldnt have behaved the way he did. @The_AnuMalik is an ugly pervert and i am apalled he is back on tv, its alalling how our industry or our nation is not as forgiving to its women. @SonyTV I dont care for the consequences. The truth is the truth how many ever times they may get away with it.”

And as much as we’d like to believe otherwise, the truth of the matter is, that as long as we have such men in power, getting their way out of anything and everything, women can never be enough to bring them down. Not unless we decide to stick together, which undoubtedly, is the need of this very crucial hour.

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