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Mallika Sherawat Opens Up About Her Love Life And Motherhood. And It’s So Relatable

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A lot of things come to the mind of a lot of people whenever anyone takes the name of the Hisss actress, Mallika Sherawat – super hot, bold, and of course the OG goddess of kissing on screen. Of course, that she starred in a movie about really bad CGI snakes and made it look half believable also made us respect her so much more. Introducing us and the whole of Bollywood to the concept of what could be labelled a diluted version of erotica, Mallika Sherawat has always been a symbol of sensuality for the industry. A tag that she has proudly worn throughout the years. And while that is something we already know about the actress, Mallika Sherawat got candid in a recent interview and talked about certain aspects of her life that we did not know of.

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The actress who was quick to establish her popularity in Bollywood, and then made her way into English and Chinese cinema, is currently working her way into digital media with Alt Balaji’s show Boo: Sabki Phategi, with Tusshar Kapoor. But what had us intrigued was her relationship status, something she has always been tight-lipped about. Known to have been dating a French man by the name of Cyrille Auxenfans earlier, but the actress recently confirmed that she is indeed single at the moment.

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She said, “I am single but I would absolutely want to be in love. Romance is great and it is inspiring. Par kaam se fursat mile kaam se toh na romance karu.” Of course no one cares about our dating life as much as they do about Mallika’s, but we totally get where she was coming from.

Talking further about how she likes to spend her time, she opened up about her love for her nephew Ransher Lamba and said, “I am having a ball with him. I don’t have a child of my own, so Ransher is like my baby. I have the best time with him. I play with him, cuddle him, travel with him and enjoy the best moments with him and then give him back to his parents. No nappy changing duties for me.”

Commenting on whether or not she would like to experience motherhood for herself, she said, “It is too much of a responsibility which I don’t want. I am petrified of the responsibility of a kid. Abhi toh jaha mann kiya suitcase utha ke chal padi. If I have a child, I would have to think of the child all the time. I will go crazy thinking about which school and all of that. I am happy the way I am.” It is no news that once a baby comes into the picture, there is a major and complete shift of priorities in the lives of the parent. So unless you’re ready for that step in your life, owning up to the responsibilities you can handle is the best way to go about something. We can learn from Mallika here! Till then, to each his own!

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