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Salman Thinks An Alternate “Career” For Katrina Is Motherhood. We Think He Should Shut Up

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If anyone were to ask me what alternate career I would pursue, I’d tell them I am doing something that I technically haven’t studied for. I started off as an auditor and somehow landed up in this job of being a fancy-shmancy writer. Often, I get asked if I love what I do, what other talents I have and I tell them I dance. So I have a few talents. Of course, a few aunties also think I should settle down and have babies but I tell them where they should put their advice and they don’t seem happy about it. But this wasn’t a chance Katrina Kaif got when she was out promoting her latest film.

In a recent interview, where Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were out promoting their upcoming film Bharat, Salman was asked if he were to chose an alternate question for Katrina what would it be. And out of all that he could say, from being a professional dancer to someone in the line of fitness, considering Kat is exceptionally well versed in the two, he chose to answer it in the most stereotypical and sexist way possible and said, she should settle down and produce kids.

Had he said produce movies, we would’ve still bought it, but kids? Seriously? As confused as we are right, and not sure whether he understood the question or not, the interviewer stressed on the fact that what was asked was for was a profession, to which Salman still stood by his answer and said being a mother is a lot of work too. Smooth save, Salman.

This is exceptionally rich coming from a man who cannot treat women right, has had a retinue of girlfriends and is nowhere close to being married. Besides having a clothing line and movie roles, this man cannot even boast of  another talent. So it irks us when he implies that women should get married and promptly push out babies because isn’t that what they are meant to do?

Yeah we understand that getting married, and raising kids is no walk in the park, but the import of his remarks isn’t lost on us.  No offence to the home-makers, but it is just one aspect of a married life, one that falls on the shoulder of the partner, equally.

We don’t blame him, after all, he is alien to the concept of marriage, so we understand him not being able to figure out the nitty-gritties of it. As for Kat, we personally think she should not pay heed to Salman’s words at all! We still do want to see shake a leg and the screen with her acting.


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