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Mallika Sherawat Says She Didn’t Get Enough Movies Because She’s Opinionated. We Think It’s Because Of Her Consecutive Flops!

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Mallika Sherawat made her debut in Bollywood with Jeena Sirf Merre Liye, but it was a rather hit-and-miss performance. As horrible as it sounds, Sherawat only got fame after she took to shooting 17 kissing scenes with co-star Himanshu Malik in Khwahish. And after her steamy performance in Murder, alongside Emraan Hashmi, she was typecast as a sex symbol! A label that stuck for a long time after.

Though she got appreciation for her acting-oriented and not sex-oriented role in Pyaar Ke Side Effects, most of her films have failed to impress. Mallika likes to believe that she lost out on movies, in her 17-year-long career, because she is opinionated. She revealed in an interview to PTI, “I lost film projects because they thought I was opinionated. I would hear from heroes ‘don’t cast her she speaks a lot and has a lot of opinions.’ They would prefer their girlfriends instead of me in projects. I can list at least 20-30 movies that I’ve lost. But it didn’t make me bitter. It was my gradual evolution. Now when I look back, they look like fools, all of them.”

We are not blatantly calling this false, because nobody can prove this to be true or false, but honestly we think that Mallika might be exaggerating a little. Most actresses today, are modern, independent women who speak their minds. We have Vidya Balan, Konkana Sen, Kalki Koechlin, Radhika Apte and many more actresses who have broken stereotypes and crafted a niche for themselves in the industry. Clearly, they are getting roles. They have fought raised the standards of cinema, fearlessly, not accepting anything less than they deserve. Mallika Sherawat needs to know that while it’s great that she is opinionated, she isn’t the only one.  Honestly, we haven’t seen her mettle yet, when it comes to acting, and if she is a serious actor, we’d like to see her bring her A game.

“Traditional Bollywood is very fearful, they don’t want to take a risk if the formula is working. There are exceptions like ‘Stree’, ‘Andhadhun‘ and ‘Badhaai Ho’ but we make 1500 films a year out of which only a handful stand out,” she spoke up in The Kapil Sharma Show. That’s just a lot of cynicism because nothing happens overnight. We’re glad that Bollywood has come a long way and we have several movies that talk about issues that need to be spoken about. On the other hand, we also have a Kabir Singh, but we’d like to be hopeful that times are a changing.

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Mallika Sherawat will next be seen in Ekta Kapoor’s upcoming horror-comedy web show, Booo Sabki Phategi. We are looking forward to see how this one turns out, now that she has a platform to exhibit her acting skills.


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