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Wait A Minute! Are Kangana’s Outbursts Against Alia A Well-Planned Publicity Stunt?

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Welcome to another episode of the Kangana Ranaut- Alia Bhatt showdown. I’ll be honest, I’ve always wanted to be an author, you know, write fiction novels that unravel chapter by chapter and keep you hooked till the last word of the last sentence of the last page.

But like any other over-ambitious writer, right now, I make do with such episodic write ups like that of Kangana’s and turn it into my guilty pleasure. However, after writing about it for quite some time now, considering Kangana’s angry outage has lasted good 2 months, I couldn’t help but wonder that there was no real smoke to this fire.

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Hear me out. A catfight once in a while is no news in the industry, except they usually always have a motive. You know, like an alleged cheating charge or perhaps a comment that went too far or even not giving each other enough attention. In this case however, Kangana’s out of the blue and pretty consistent lashing out at Alia was as much a surprise for her as it was for us. There just seemed no valid reason, unless all of this was leading us up to the upcoming movie for the Manikarnika actress – Mental Hai Kya.

Mental Hai Kya, which at this point serves as a caption for Kangana as much as it is the name of her upcoming release, could be the answer to all the questions that have been jostling in our heads about the two actresses’ feud. The movie that is set to release on June 21st, is somehow, mysteriously aligned perfectly with the timing of these personal attacks. Such build up, much wow.

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At this point, it could all be a very calculated and perhaps convincing game play at garnering some publicity for the movie, especially when the tagline itself says, “Sanity is overrated”. From going after another popular actress from the fraternity and keeping the headlines rolling, all of it seems like it was a big promotional stunt, to be in the news. As fans of conspiracy theories, we think this could be a PR stunt for the movie, one that Alia Bhatt is in on.

While we do agree, it was a genius move – create the demand you want to supply, if at all that were the case, but it still is a little immature and honestly irrelevant to go to such lengths to tap into your audience’s interest. Surely, Bollywood can come up with something better. Or maybe not.


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