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Disha Patani Revealed How She Controls Her Sugar Cravings And Stays In Shape. My Willpower Is Rubbish But You Must Try Her Method.

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Two years ago, I went to a nutritionist because I wanted to lose weight. She gave me a diet that was fairly good, except I had to give up on some of the foods that I really relished. For instance, she made me quit sabudana khichdi, poha, dosa, etc. Of course, junk was completely out. She also made me quit milk, coffee and beer. But what really hit me hard was giving up on sweets. A part of my soul died each time I went to a café, bought black coffee and stared at their dessert section looking like I have not eaten in days. It did work for me and I was rapidly losing weight. In fact, even my tummy (which is generally stubborn) reduced in size and within no time I had a flat belly. Then I went through a breakup and replaced my boyfriend with dessert. The thing is I am in a toxic relationship with all things sweet but I am willing to give up on crop tops but not desserts. Once in a while, I feel motivated and cut down on sugar. Then, there are phases when I am definitely out of control. Aah. Struggles.

Clearly, Disha Patani is nothing like me and several of us because she is able to control her cravings, without feeling like life is terrible. At a recent event, she admitted that she loves dessert and has a hard time controlling her urges. I can relate except her willpower is strong and mine is basically shit.

She revealed her motivation behind eating healthy and it’s really inspirational, “As an artiste, I really believe in fitness, not just because I have to look a certain way, but as a person I really enjoy a lot of physical activities. I always look for options and stuff that I can eat that will help me and my health.”

But how does she control her sugar craving? If you’re like me and could use some good advice, pay heed. “I love sugar. I love chocolates. I have my cheat days. But when I am not cheating, I am always looking for some sort of a snack that will fill me up and will also kind of destroy my sugar craving. I love apples. It is such a wholesome fruit,” Disha explained. I guess an apple a day keeps a dietician away as well!

Disha Patani isn’t someone who believes in crash diets and recommends following sustainable healthy lifestyle instead. “Health is a lifestyle. It is not something that you can do for a day or week or month. I always look for substitutes, which can remove the junk food that we all love,” Disha revealed. The thing is I know all this, but how do I keep up with it? I guess I am doomed but you must try it, if you want and can.

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On the work front, Disha Patani is all set for Malang’s release on 7th February, 2020.

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