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Disha Patani Walks Out Of The Water In A Bikini In Malang. We’ve Been Objectifying Women In The Same Way Now For 50 Years! Stop.

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So yesterday, I watched the trailer of the movie Malang. No, it didn’t make much sense to me. In fact, for the most part I just wanted Mohit Suri to pass me that very potent thing he was smoking. Not much of it made sense but I did notice a very skimpily clad Disha Patani walking out of the water. As did everyone else because what else was there to see anyway? But we’ve to admit, this woman walking out of the water thing has almost become a template.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Bollywood drama. I, like any other ’90s kid, was practically raised on SRK so it would be very hypocritical of me to diss commercial movies. What does piss me off though is the fact that those movies have very subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) sexist cues.

How many times has a “hero” swooped in to save the (for some reason) damsel in distress “heroine” from bad guys? This one sentence is the plot for at least a hundred Bollywood movies. How many times have you seen women who portray a “goody two-shoes” character in nothing but salwar kameezs and the girl who portrays the party girl in dresses and shorts? Most recently this happened in Pati Patni Aur Woh. These are just two out of a thousand subtly sexist examples I could list.

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I do have another example of Bollywood being sexist that I think you’ll like better. Do you know how every actress ever has been made to be in a scene where she is walking out of a water body in a sexy bikini?? Yep, that one typical scene that is force fitted into movies so that the male members of the audience are suitably titillated. Because, god knows, if you give them a serving of so much violence, the male members get bored and what can hapless filmmakers throw in to keep them there? It’s got us thinking.

What is it about this scene that has caused it to feature in almost every movie ever made since the damn 70’s? Usually, fads die out in less than a month but not this weirdly sexist “walking out of an ocean/pool wearing a bikini” fad. This has stretched out for practically 50 years.

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See, we don’t care if we objectify women – we simply must do it. It’s a compulsion. Alia Bhatt was 19 when she was put in a yellow bikini and made to walk sensually and pose on a rock for a shot in SOTY. She did not look hot, in fact, that whole scene looked quite forced and if the red lipstick wasn’t vehemently pasted on us, we would think she looked like a kid.

And the thing is none of those actresses are actually seducing anyone, that is not what the scene is about. She is just enjoying herself on a beach, playing in the water and in Bipasha Basu’s case (Dhoom 2) stretching. But it is the camera that is acting like a horny man, taking close up shots of her body. If this isn’t sexist, please tell me what is? I don’t see the men being put in objectifying scenes like this one.

You know if you watch all these scenes carefully- take Priyanka Chopra’s bikini scene from Dostana or Anushka Sharma’s from Ladies V/S Ricky Behl, you will notice a few similarities. In fact, there are so many, it’s practically a template. They all emerge from the water, softly stretch letting all the water drip down with an expression that looks like they are in some deep thought. Meanwhile, the camera moves in close on to every aspect of her body – the breasts, the waist and all that. The hair is wet, the assets are on display and the male audience is probably excited. Maybe what is appealing to the men is the fact that they are dripping wet all over. Like some kind of kinky fantasy of theirs that these movies fulfil. We’re just guessing though.

These scenes need to stop, it is offensive on so many levels. I think in the past 50 years these kinds of scenes have been done to death. Can we just let them die down now?

This is a shoutout to all the filmmakers, no one wants to see these scenes anymore. Stop finding reasons to unnecessarily sexualize women. And if we wear a bikini, get the fuck away from us.

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