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Tiger Shroff And Disha Patani’s Instagram Banter Is Full Of Raw, Sexual Energy. Why Won’t They Accept They Are Together?

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With social media coming into play, Bollywood’s age-old phrase “we are just good friends” has kind of gotten old. It is impossible now for celebrities to hide their relationships and breakups from the public, especially when both the people involved are actors. That is unless both of them go to extreme measures to keep it under wraps. Even then at some point a fan or a paparazzi or just about anyone, is going to notice, click a picture and boom! it is all over the internet in a matter of seconds. Is it fair to the celebrity? Nope but that’s just how it is. Most of them have just accepted it and stopped trying to pretend they were single. It is especially fun for us because let’s face it, everyone is a sucker for juicy celeb gossip.

Talking about celeb gossip, the most frustrating thing about it is speculation. It just takes up so much time thinking about “Are they?” “Aren’t they?” “They would be cute together” etc. Okay yeah, I spend time thinking about this, sue me. But I think Instagram has made speculations very easy, everything is right in front of you. It only depends on how good of a stalker you are, also how much time you have on your hands.

Like for example, what is up with Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani? Are they together or not? They haven’t ever actually come out and said it they are, but their Instagram banter paints a completely different picture. I just have to add here that if they aren’t together, I would be extremely disappointed because they make one fine couple. I mean, they practically exude raw sexual energy when they are seen together. They are often spotted going for dates, Disha has been spotted spending time with Tiger’s mother and sister and of course, they are always dropping various kinds of emoji’s on each other’s Instagram posts. Take a look:

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On this really stunning picture of Disha, Tiger left a fire and a lovestruck emoji in the comments section. Same Tiger, same.




Then, when Tiger posted a (very sexy) picture, Disha took to the comments section to drop a few fire emoji’s. Seems to me like they have a favourite emoji to describe each other.

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They don’t only appreciate how hot the other one looks, but also completely support each other. When Tiger’s movie War released, Disha took to her Instagram to post the picture and express how proud she was of him.

If all this does not spell out “relationship” I really don’t know what does. Why won’t they just come out and own it? Not only do they have hundreds of people rooting for them, but they also make such an adorable couple.

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