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10 Painfully Hilarious Things You Will Relate To If You’re Always Sleepy

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Being a sleepy girl with a busy life is not easy. You wake up, cursing yourself for sleeping late, but then you really really needed time for yourself. That episode was seducing you. Your best friend called you at night, and hours just flew by. Or you ended up listening to the song that reminds you of your ex and then came hours of overthinking. You go to work sleepy every day, feeling Monday blues throughout the week. When it’s Friday, you are like fuck all plans, I am gonna sleep but your social life really wants you to suffer. So you end up staying up another night, and it basically becomes a vicious cycle. Uff, life’s difficult. If you’re on the same boat of sleep-deprivation my friend, then you will definitely relate to these painfully hilarious things!

  1. You reach work looking like a train wreck

It should be a legal offence to expect you to dress up in the morning. Get some extra zzs or winged eyeliner? The choice is pretty clear.

  1. Your morning coffee is the best thing in your life

Don’t judge me by my pre-coffee personality. After I have coffee in my system, I am a much sweeter person.


  1. Until you start feeling sleepy again

But post-lunch, the coffee’s effect is diminishing and I find myself becoming Godzilla again…a very sleep-deprived one, that is. I have made so many trips to the coffee machine, it would be so much easier if I could get one for my desk.

  1. You’ve made too many “I am sleepy” calls to your friends

When you hit rock bottom, you call your bestie hoping she will entertain you. Except, you’ve made “yaar bahut neend aa rahi hai” calls to her so often, that now she tells you to sleep well or f**k off. Why is the world so cruel?

  1. And your colleagues wonder if you party every night

Some look at you as if you have been livin’ the life and some look at you with “what is wrong with her” eyes. Some of your colleagues wonder if you’ve been talking with or doing bae all night. Except, you’ve been overthinking.

  1. But you’re really just too poor for that

The reality is that every night, you just lie on your bed telling yourself – only one more episode! But you end up watching four of them and you realise your willpower is basically shit.

  1. You find yourself zoning out multiple times

Meanwhile, can someone really make sense of the files opened on my screen? It looks like someone has taken a big massive dump because I can’t understand shit. Wait, has sleep-deprivation killed my brain cells?

  1. God forbid, if a meeting happens

Fine, I will just pretend like I am listening. But I am really already sleeping on the inside.

  1. At this point all you need is a bed

My body may be sitting on my desk, but my mind is already home, sleeping on my cozy, cozy bed. Such a long day! And this is at 11am.

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  1. You swear you will sleep on time but…

I am not going to have coffee in the evening, keep my phone away by 11 and sleep on time. Also me, at 2 am, starting the 3rd season of Stranger Things. FML.

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