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Parineeti Chopra Thinks It’s Okay For Actresses To Get Paid Less Because They Get Endorsements. What?

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There was a time when it was hush. Nobody talked about how actors got paid so much more. That for a long time, the actress was a mere prop and probably got paid just as much. But that’s changing thanks to the new age actresses who won’t mince their words.  Actresses like Kangana Ranaut, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and more have spoken about their wage gap. In fact, it is rumoured that for Padmavaat, Deepika got paid more than her male co-stars. But even then, it’s not an industry standard. In an interview, Varun Dhawan also revealed that producer Rhea Kapoor was finding it very difficult to release Veere Di Wedding because it had an entire female cast and the film would get only few screens for its release. But the conversation around this issue continues, thankfully. What sucks though, is when people who are in the limelight say atrocious things.

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So Parineeti Chopra and Sidharth Malhotra have been busy promoting their forthcoming film Jabariya Jodi and they recently came together for Film Companion’s show titled Tapecast. On the show, the actors spoke a lot of things and one of them was about pay parity in the Bollywood film industry. Actress Parineeti Chopra agreed that she does get paid less at times but she had something a lot more to say than just this, for which she received major backlash. Parineeti Chopra’s comment on the sensitive subject has been met with criticism on social media because the actress said that female actors make up for the gap in pay by bagging commercials.

We know that social media has an ugly side to it, filled with negative comments and trolls. Parineeti Chopra said, “I always felt like I deserved a little bit more but I only got this much. But then we make it up with endorsements. Girls do a lot of endorsements so we kind of make it up. So that is why I never talk about it (pay parity) because the boys don’t do as many endorsements as girls. I hope I’m right. We do so many beauty commercials and hair commercials like so many brands and I think we kind of cover it up.”

Parineeti Chopra’s comment on pay parity didn’t go well with fans and the actress ended up getting brutally trolled for it. Check out some of the comments!

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