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Healthcare Officials Across The Globe Are Advising People On The Right Way To Have Sex During The Pandemic. Guess It’s Time For The ‘Talk’.

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In times of a crisis, the ones where I am in need of a little sexual guidance, I choose to fall back on the wisdom of my girlfriends, and if that doesn’t work out well, then google. Considering these suffice for the most part,  and usually offer me great advice, I have never branched out to going up to anyone else. But turns out, in light of this global pandemic, someone else who is equally prompt and motivated about how sharing how to get intimate, are governments across the world.

Taking up this chance to enlighten people with what they think might be the need of the hour and the right way to go about it, never did we imagine the government to step up and have ‘the talk’ with us. But since 2020 is a year of surprises. As governments around the world realise that abstinence isn’t an option, they are now concerned about how the citizens will cater to their sexual needs in a lockdown. And they have come up with rather interesting guidelines to help people out.

Moving past the ‘use protection – avoid HIV’ advice, this time the government is looking at issuing prescriptive guidelines to navigate through the dating world. For instance, Netherlands has its Dutch officials announcing how the locked-down singles must seek for a ‘sex-buddy’ during this time. Emphasising on how human touch can be important during such a time, they legit offered advice on how two individuals (not random) could help each other without violating healthcare guidelines.

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Furthermore, Dutch officials also talked about how if there is distance between two partners, they could always consider having sex while still maintaining a safe distance by telling erotic stories, which loosely translates into phone sex. Never saw that coming from the government officials, at the least.

Meanwhile, Denmark can be seen giving even casual sex a green flag. The director general of the Danish Health Authority, Soren Brostrom was in fact heard making the statement, “Sex is good. Sex is healthy. We are sexual beings, and of course you can have sex in this situation.”

Where as in U.S Cities like New York and Los Angeles, the government is urging citizens to be self-dependent and spreading the message that ‘You are your safest sex partner,” which gives PM Modi’s ‘aatmanirbharta’ speech a new angle. However, recognising that that might not be entirely possible, they go on to say, “The next safest partner is someone you live with.” San Francisco is also urging people to only get involved with their main partner(s), and also wait until they are feeling better to indulge.

Health officials are also talking about how, “Avoid kissing anyone who is not part of your small circle of close contacts,” and instead encouraging partners to consider sexting and web chat platforms for remote sex. After all, desperate times, call for desperate measures!

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