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5 Reasons I Don’t Want To Just Catch Feelings For Someone

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Love is tempting and soothing, and yes, hurtful. Actually, scratch that, the hopeless romantic in me will never accept anything against love. It’s actually humans that are messed up. We fall for wrong people when we are not ready or we know things won’t work. Either that or we ruin a perfect relationship with our insecurities. That hurts, not love.

Since I am not a masochist and I also have a bit of a conscience and don’t want to hurt others, I believe we shouldn’t be so reckless with our hearts. We are so messed up because we don’t think it through and simply catch feelings like we have no willpower whatsoever. I have done that and it hurts a lot. It feels like shit and I don’t want to do it again. I don’t want to catch feelings. I want to know what I am getting into and feel peaceful about it. Thanks but I’d like to cancel that order of anxiety and get some security instead. Here’s why I don’t want to catch feelings anymore.

  1. I want to have some control over who I love

Finding love should be like any other life goal you have. Would you just go with the flow and simply take up any job offer that comes your way? We think so much about what we want from our careers, then why don’t we think about taking charge of our love lives?

  1. You “catch feelings” when you’re not ready

When do you use this term even? In a situation where you were not meant to develop feelings but you did. Maybe it’s clashing with other goals in your life. Or you don’t feel emotionally ready to date anyone. Then what do we do with those feelings that we caught? This is where ‘I like you but…’ comes from. And it just hurts those hearing it and those saying it. I would rather like someone when I know I am ready.

  1. Or for someone who may not be right for you

Sometimes, the guy who isn’t right for you makes you feel so good. You love his company. His touch makes your body shiver with pleasure. When you hug him, it feels like home. There…you are catching feelings. But deep down, you know things will never work out with him. And at some point, you will have to let him go and that is going to hurt. So, I don’t want this catching feelings business unless I know that it is at least possible to work things out or both of us want the same from our connection.

  1. A relationship needs much more than a spark and attraction

It needs compatibility, trust, companionship, and that you both want the same things in life. Everything needs to be in sync unless you are not concerned about its lasting capacity, then just do what you want.  I want to know how much we connect, whether I can trust him to be loyal, or if he makes me feel insecure. Why should I fall for someone first and then figure these things? I would rather go slow and let him pass through these tests before I give him my heart.

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  1. We need to be more protective of our hearts and time

Each time you catch feelings for someone and end up getting your heartbroken, you change a little. You carry a bit of damage, a little lesson, and honestly if you keep doing that it’s just going to make you lose faith in love. I don’t want to invest time being in love with someone I shouldn’t be in love with. And then starting all over again. What hurts the most is that those memories can last a long time, so I gotta be careful who I make them with.

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