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Bhumi Pednekar Adopts Vegetarianism During Lockdown And Says Her Journey With Climate Warriors Inspired Her To Give Up Meat.

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Lockdown has been pretty hard on some people (I am some people) and the only thing that kept us sane and hopeful during these trying times was food. Whether it was trying out the viral recipes or finishing up several packets of chips in one go, there was no better coping mechanism than food, well at least for me. While I was busy not working on my beach body, Bhumi Pednekar took this time to go the meat-free way of life and turned vegetarian.

It wasn’t an impromptu decision and she had been intending to go vegetarian since years but it was her journey as a climate warrior that finally encouraged her to take the plunge and adopt vegetarianism. She put up a post on her Instagram account which read, “For many years I had the want to go vegetarian but breaking habits are the toughest thing to do. My journey with Climate Warrior taught me a lot of things and I just didn’t feel like eating meat anymore.”

She also said she feels good and guilt-free after fully going on the plant-based diet. “So I took a decision in the lockdown and did what I was contemplating to do for a while now and one day I announced to the fam, that I’m giving up non-vegetarian food. Today, it’s been a few months and I’m good, guilt-free, and feel physically strong as well,” she added.

Going vegan and vegetarian has gained quite a momentum lately and a lot of Bollywood celebrities have been on the frontline of the movement. The latest one to add is Bhumi. She says, “I was never heavy on non vegetarian, but I took a call in the lockdown. It was actually something that happened organically.”

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Before Bhumi, many Bollywood celebrities have adopted the plant-based life and never looked back. Anushka Sharma who gave up non-vegetarian diet for her furry friend, Dude (which is incredibly sweet BTW) has been living the vegan life for years now. Other staunch animal supporters like Sonakshi Sinha, Jacqueline Fernandez and Esha Gupta also gave up meat to stand against animal cruelty.

However, before we look at it as just a trend or a glamorous movement, let’s get clear about how it is so much more than just a celeb thing and why more people (looking at you, meat lovers) are adopting this lifestyle. According to various reports, being vegetarian or vegan is one of the most effective and efficient ways in which you can help fight climate change. Just by cutting back on animal derived food products like meat and dairy from your meals, you can help reduce food-related carbon footprint per individual by up to 73 per cent. If the stats are to be believed, vegetarian meals aren’t just healthy for you but also the environment.

It is great for the environment, yes, but it has various body and beauty benefits as well. Reportedly, giving up meat can actually help you have clear mind and near-perfect skin and makes you feel physically active. This is just in case you needed more reasons to switch to the meat-free way of life.

Bhumi Pednekar has been involved with the initiative known as Climate Warrior which works for environment and animal protection. She has been vocal for climate conservation in the past and this big lifestyle change stems out of her will to do her bit for the environment. But then again, she has always been an inspiration when it comes to adopting healthy lifestyle habits and it’s just one of the many. Remember how she naturally lost 21 kgs and gave us body transformation goals? Now she’s being the flag bearer for vegetarianism. You do you, girl!

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