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This Pune Restaurant Said Only Hyderabadi Biryani Is Legit, Anything Else Is Just Pulav. Now Twitter Is In A Biryani Battle

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Team Hauterfly is quite all-inclusive, non-discriminatory when it comes to food preferences. We have vegetarians like me who don’t mind having their paneer biryani. There are eggitarians who relish their egg biryani. And there are non-vegetarians who refuse to accept any of our versions as biryani. This colleague-friend feels very strongly for chicken biryani and she insists that we call our versions pulav. Of course, none of us give in to that demand but who knows she might be on her way to getting a petition signed for it.

Meanwhile, an eatery in Pune has gone ahead and put down rules of what qualifies as biryani and what doesn’t. And let’s just say, it has started a biryani war on Twitter. And this eatery went one step ahead by calling every kind of biryani except Hyderabadi to be pulav. “All types of biryanis other than Hyderabadi Biryani will be referred to as Pulao,” the signboard read, which was shared on Twitter by a user. In fact, it says biryani with potatoes in it will be called batata wada rice.

This infuriated people because people are very sensitive about their food choices, okay? They are like baap pe jaao but biryani pe nahi. “Dear Hyderabad, Pouring Mirchi Ka Salan on your boiled rice and calling it Biryani tantamounts to crime against humanity. May as well pour ketchup while you are at it,” tweeted a butt hurt user.

It soon escalated to become a battle of the regions as people started defending the biryani of their roots. “Hyderabadi biryani is overrated, Lucknow biryani is a lot better,” wrote a user. Then came a moderator who tried to provoke the people of Kolkata by writing, “Wonder what the proponents of Calcutta potato biryani have to say?” Some people on the other hand were happy that someone said it!

What do you think? I think biryani is biryani and it doesn’t matter whether it has chicken, mutton, egg, or paneer. It doesn’t matter where it comes from. That’s just how culture and cuisine travels. Whatever it is, let people enjoy their biryani without giving them an existential crisis!

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Keeping the important debate aside (I wonder how Arnab Goswami hasn’t taken it up yet), it is hilarious to see how we just can’t deal with someone saying anything against our favourite food. I kid you not, I once saw two grownup delegates in a business conclave fight over samosa’s rights. Yep, one of them wanted samosa street stalls to shut down deeming them unsanitary and the other guy just couldn’t imagine his guts. There’s a Joey in all of us!

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