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6 Amazing Benefits Of Turning Vegetarian!

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Today is World Vegetarian Day, and for some reason I feel super proud. I’ve been a vegetarian all my life and can’t think of life any other way. And while meat lovers would disagree, vegetarianism is actually not a compromise, but rather a healthy and satisfying life choice.

If you plan to actually make the switch to this lifestyle, the truth is it might not be entirely easy. And if you’re wondering why anyone would even do that, well, firstly, here are awesome vegetarian recipes that we’re sure in hardcore non-vegetarians would absolutely love, and secondly here are 6 benefits of following a vegetarian diet.


1. Better For Digestion

Eating a bunch of broccoli is probably not your favourite thing to do, but you can’t deny the fibre content of this veggie. A bunch of other vegetables too are loaded with fibre, which enables great digestion. Being vegetarian means you can include all of them in your weekly menu.

2. Prevents Heart-Related Issues

Vegetarians are known to have lower bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure, thus lowering the risk of chronic heart diseases. Blood pressure and cholesterol can be consumed in a bunch of french fries as well, but having meat everyday means you consume more saturated fats, which can block your arteries and can cause heart problems.


3. Helps maintain body weight

This diet is associated with a lower body mass index and decreased rates of obesity due to the lack of consumption of fat from meat. A vegetarian diet consists of fibrous veggies that are known to aid weight loss.

4. Helps prevent cancer

Higher fibre intake and lower intake of saturated fat and cholesterol are among the factors responsible for these cancer prevention effects.


5. Saves a lot of money

Whether you prefer to eat chicken, mutton or fish, a non-vegetarian diet can be pretty expensive. Vegetarianism, on the other hand, will help you save big bucks, so you might just be able to buy the latest iPhone (finally)!

6. Improves your quality of life

Research says that a vegetarian nutrition program improved mental health, vitality and physical functioning of a controlled group. So yes, you can expect to feel better if you decide to turn vegetarian!


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