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Amit Shukla Is Offended By A Non-Hindu Delivery Guy But Is Okay To Comment On Women’s Breasts

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When you’re a girl, being raised in a country like India, you’d think that you have come across all kinds of men that there could ever exist. From the psycho lovers and Kabir Singh fans to the rich Tu jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai types, from the lowly stalkers to the real and rare gentlemen, you’d have seen it all. But turns out, we were wrong. There is still a lot to explore, as a new breed of vile men have come up, and social media is their weapon of choice. This movement of extreme idiocy is being led by one very dumb Amit Shukla. The guy who recently found himself in the middle of a Zomato controversy and is singlehandedly setting new lows one lewd tweet at a time.

For the uninitiated, Amit Shukla is the same guy who just yesterday found himself trending on the internet for all the wrong reasons. You see, the guy placed a food order through the Zomato app, and then refused to accept it, for it was delivered to him by a non-Hindu. A blindsided attack at his faith and religion, he claims. Okay he does not, but we assume. He then took to Twitter, for his own social funeral it seems, to ask for a refund for the order because clearly Zomato played him with all sending a non-Hindu human to his place to deliver food. He wrote, “They said they can’t change rider and can’t refund on cancellation, I said you can’t force me to take a delivery I don’t want…”

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Not only did Zomato not appreciate his unreasonable request, but also had the most befitting reply to shut the guy up. They said, “Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion.” and the internet applauded. Except, they didn’t just stop there. Amit stirred up controversy and opened himself up for social scrutiny by netizens, who were less than impressed by him. They dug through his twitter feed to get a clearer sense of this guy, and we wish we could say the results surprise us. But we are smirking almost coz we could have predicted it.

Amit Shukla, on numerous accounts, has gone ahead in not so subtle ways, to convey his fondness for actresses’ boobs in his tweets. On a photo posted by Taslima Nasreen, mind you not a hindu, the guy wrote, “@taslimanasreen well I will say you have grt boobs hope you like my comment” and well, you guessed it, we did not like it. Then, further squirrelling his way into his grave, his tweets were displayed and it didn’t look good. This man isn’t just stupid, he’s a pervert too. Great!

And this wasn’t all. In the thread that was actively taking down Amit Shukla for his indecent tweets, we found another tweet by the guy for Priyanka Chopra, saying, “Lifetime achievement of Priyanka Chopra is Boobs and hips”. Yes because they have to be hard-earned and have nothing to do being an inherent part of a woman’s body.

Clearly, the guy has issues and we were glad was called out by Zomato and hundreds of other netizens who were in no mood of letting this guy go easy. It is after all, such entitled pieces of schmucks that take it upon themselves to objectify a woman for their body parts or look down upon other religions, only to think it is okay for them to do so, sitting behind the pathetic anonymity of their screens. But not anymore. They need to called out for such an obscene mentality and immediately, logged out of social media, or perhaps be banished to a place with no access to other humans.

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