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MLA Accuses Bollywood Stars Of Doing Drugs. And These Stupid Accusations Are From A Short Video. What Even?

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You could be a newcomer in the industry or someone who’s been there forever, the one thing that is consistent for Bollywood celebs is that they are often earn labels. From a playboy to a diva, philanthropist to a serial dater, they are always tagged and there’s no getting away from that. And while they have learnt to accept stereotyping as part and parcel of this life, one tag that  they will fight with all their mettle that they are drug addicts. As they were recently called by Shiromani Akali Dal MLA Majinder Sirsa in a callous tweet.

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The tweet was after Karan Johar put up an insta-story of a usual house party scene at his place, graced by many of the flourishing names from the industry from Deepika Padukone, Vicky Kaushal, Malaika Arora, Shahid Kapoor to Ranbir Kapoor. It was seemingly a harmless and quick story made by KJo, which soon caught fire after the MLA, based on no proof whatsoever, accused the lot for having been drugged and high.

Upon several re-visits to the same story, the kinds where we deliberately tried to see the drugs, we found nada, as also pointed out by Milind Deora, whose wife was also present at the party. He fumed on Twitter, saying there were no drugs involved. He wrote, “”My wife was also present that evening (and is in the video). Nobody was in a drugged state so stop spreading lies & defaming people you don’t know! I hope you will show the courage to tender an unconditional apology.”

Now you see, we understand that this isn’t the first time that people have been so quick to judge and condemn the stars for being drug-heads or sometimes even worse. But the fact that sometimes such careless tweeting can lead to catastrophic results for the others, is something we can’t not think about. It is easy for stars to be shadowed by their reputation, that often precedes them. But to use that to accuse someone is no better than harassment and must not be promoted.

Especially since the only proof to the MLA’s controversial tweet was perhaps the red eyes of the stars, that could have easily been due to their consumption of absolutely legal alcohol. Or from being tired. Now, we’re not defending the actors at KJo’s crib as much as we’re not reprimanding others for making stupid remarks. All we’re saying is that as people in a position of power, as such the MLA, we owe it to ourselves and the community to be more careful, considerate and solid when doling out such words and making the ones in the spotlight, the bad guys.

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