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She’s Hindu And Indian, She’s A Pakistani Muslim. The Story Of Their Love Is Proof That Love Does Conquer All!

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We all may have had our share of bitter heartbreaks and incomplete love stories, but one thing that still does not change or deter us, we continue to have faith that true love will find us. Something that may have passed on to us by the likes of Carrie Bradshaw and her undying faith in love. The kind of love that these women found in what they call A New York Love Story’. Sundas Malik from Pakistan and Anjali Chakra from India met away from their countries and their love story is making our week.

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Breaking all the stereotypes, this same sex couple has raised the bar for love birds all around the world with this photoshoot of their beautiful wedding. A set of pictures that were put up by a photographer showing the warm love story between these two incredible women, has the world on its knees. Sundas Malik, is an artist from Pakistan while Anjali is a Hindu originally from India, fell in love in New York and decided to makee the cynical world believe in love.

Malik also took to Instagram to share some pictures from the shoot and captioned it, “I’m usually the kurta to her lehenga, so coming up with family-ready femme wedding outfits was more than a little stressful for me.” And we couldn’t help but applaud how the love that the two share was strong enough to surpass all the religion and gender stereotypes. They say all fair in love, and they’ve proved it’s true.

Looking happier than ever, Anjali donned a perfect blush pink saree while Sundas could be seen rocking a mint green lehenga from a lovely designer Indian clothing rental brand –  Borrow The Bazaar, accessorised with beautiful jewellery, bindis and nosepins from ‘Jewel me Best’, the brides looked like a vision. A vision not just for sore eyes but for all the believers out there, for love does conquer all. And in pretty ethnic wear no less! The couple have single-handedly (double-handedly?) brought so much joy to the world with their awe-inspiring pictures, even Twitter has good things to say about it. And that’s something.

And this is exactly what gives us hope. The fact that for every homophobic and regressive person on the planet, we have a beautiful couple in love that will make all the hate transform into inspiration and prove that love has no religion, no gender, no disparity. All it has is two people crazy about each other.

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