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A Letter To My Favourite Pair Of Denims : A Tale Of Undying Support, Gentle Reminders And Some Rips

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Dear Denims,

The year was 2018, it was a cold December night, the streets were filled with people and I among them, struggled to find my way to the inside of the mall that was brimming with sale posters all around. Midst that hustle bustle of energetic and hopeful shopaholics, as I scanned the collections from store to store, little did I know that I would stumble upon the likes of you that day, and things would have never been the same since.

I still remember the first time I saw you. Packed away in the last shelf and in the furthermost corner, crunched up enough to evade the eyes that weren’t looking but sparkling in the eyes of the ones looking for something beyond the obvious, you were precious. There you were, the last available in your kind and in my size, as though just waiting for me to pick you up. And I did. After spending what seemed like a never ending wait for the trial room, when I finally got to try you on, you were a perfect fit, and from then started our journey that neither of us could’ve imagined.

From then to now, it’s been more than a year since we’ve been together and I still strongly depend on you for most of my happy, sad and important moments in life. Giving me the truest of comfort in times when I was literally scared of whether or not I would be able to het through a situation, you have taught me the meaning of reliance, support and flexibility in your own little ways.

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From accompanying on my night outs when I needed to keep my best foot (and best pair of jeans) forward, to keeping me company on days when I needed nothing more than comfort and a sense of familiarity, you have always come through for me, and slowly yet gradually spoiled me to a point that no other piece of denim makes or keeps me half as happy or satisfied as you do. It was clear from the beginning that what you and I shared, was not going to be casual and I am glad that it wasn’t. We’ve been serious for each other for quite some time, and at the risk of jinxing it for us, I’d go ahead and say just how well it’s ultimately worked out to be.

Yes, there are times when you are right out of the wash and sit a little too snugly on my waist, reminding me that perhaps that extra slice of pizza was just that, extra. And there are times when I haven’t put you in the wash forever – but that’s because when you come back, you’re unforgiving!

You’ve endured me at my best, my worst, my sweatiest and even my most drunk self and have always made me feel quite at home and in control, for which I can never thank you enough. You’ve kept your promise – the one where you said you would ensure my butt crack and underwear were never on display for the world to see and I truly appreciate that. The relationship we have, despite me testing you over the years, with the extra weight, the various belts and all that but I want you to know that I respect and care for you. More so because you’ve started to shed a few strands at the seams and despite taking extra care of you and keeping you close like a baby, and I am scared to death to lose you to a rip that might render you unwearable. But don’t worry, I got you and the number of a reliable tailor on speed dial, just in case.

Thank you for staying through thick and thin, witnessing and being part of great days and nights, some where you were summoned and others when you were taken off quicker than ever. Thank you for always having my back, and front and making it look like a snacc. But most of all, thank you for completing me and my look on most days and with style!

Yours faithfully

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