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A Letter To My Cats: A Purrfect Tale Of Unconditional Love, Cuddles And Cattiness

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Dear Cattos Chunnu and Chhotu,

I can’t express in enough words how much you mean to me. Your tiny little paws, the way you purr and meow, the cuddles and everything – it’s so special. Okay, let me start with you my fatto catto, Chunnu. You were such a small baby when I got you home and it was supposed to be just for the night. You didn’t have your mommy and you were lost and being troubled by some very bad street doggos. I had to pick you and even though my parents had made a no-pet rule, my mom accommodated you for one night. You were so scared and sick; you would sleep only on my chest. And I allowed you to and umm, you kinda sneezed all over me but that’s okay. I just had to take a shower in the middle of the night. No biggie.

I tried to find a home for you, but I also got very attached to you. So you stayed. My dad was hesitant but your adorableness won him over. Cut to today, I can see him having actual conversations with you. At this point, you knew I could do anything for you so you became a brat. You think I don’t know that you understand my hooman lingo but I know you do, even when you conveniently ignore me when I call out your name.

Chunnu, you know that you’re a broken catto. In fact, you’re barely a catto. I love our routine – I wake up and kiss you the first thing in the morning. Okay, I don’t care that you preferred if I brushed before kissing you. Neither do you, little one. When I am having my brekky, you sit next to me and eat from your bowl. You come to say goodbye at the door and it’s the cutest thing ever. I know you don’t like cuddles like other cats do, but you do extend your support in subtle ways. Like the time when I came home with a broken ankle, and you refused to leave my side. The way you get mad at me when I go on vacation and don’t talk to me for at least a day when I return.

I love you so much Chunnu, but can you please stop bullying chhotu? Don’t be so jealous, I love you as much as her. Chhotu, you too have to stop hitting Chunnu when she is innocently chilling. God, I feel like I am in the Tom & Jerry show except that both of my babies are cats. Chhotu, I am sorry that your name is not as classy as the Edwards and Lillies of your kind. You have lived outside for at least a year and I found you all injured. I didn’t know if I could take in another baby permanently so I kept calling you Chhotu. And then you stayed as well, and I didn’t want to confuse you with another name.

I love how brave you were – your jaw was broken, you lost one eyeball and yet you love like you’ve never been hurt. Even the doc wasn’t sure if you would make it but you did! My brave little kitty. You’re a survivor and a very chipku cat. Like the concept of personal space is lost on you. Why must you sit on my chest, head and lap every time you see me? If I die in my sleep, it will probably be because you were sitting on my nose.

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Both of you give me so much love and I just look forward to come home and love you. You’re my world and thank you for making me yours. They say cats don’t love selflessly, but I have seen both of you doing that. They say that I rescued you but in true sense, you rescued me.

PS: Chunnu, you must stop barfing on the door mat. Mommy’s tired of cleaning it!

Your Hooman-cat

Hauterfly Love Letters is a Hauterfly initiative for the month of February where we will be expressing our love for all things that we love, owe an apology to or simply want to acknowledge. Watch this space for letters we write to everything from our lipstick to our pedicurist and everyone and everything in between. 

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