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A Fan Just Kissed Sara Ali Khan’s Hand. It’s Clear We Don’t Understand Consent Or The Concept Of Personal Space. This Needs To Stop

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I could go on about how privileged Bollywood is but it’s a lot of work. Admittedly, some are actually very nice (barring a few, but today we are focusing on positives) They will do their best in movies, launch social campaigns, talk about their views when needed all while smiling and posing for paparazzi every time they step out of their houses. Until now, I never really realised how much work being famous is.

But here’s the thing, at the end of the day they are all human too. I know how corny it sounds okay, but I don’t think people actually understand that just because they are public figures and they will take selfies, pose for paps and are generally nice to their fans doesn’t mean you can invade their private space. Can just for one moment please just stop and understand this statement? Read it if you can’t grasp it all in one go. Fangirling and getting starstruck is all cool, crowding their personal space is not. Let’s stop doing that, please?

Let me give you’ll a little context here, so you don’t think I have gone a rant (again). Earlier today, the very humble Sara Ali Khan was spotted leaving her pilates class. And of course, all the paps had gathered to snap her as she walks to the car (because that is a thing now).

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Sara asked them how they’re doing and began posing for the pictures by her car. Then, a fan comes and first clicks a normal picture with and then a selfie which causes a little commotion. In that commotion, you can someone extending his hand for a  handshake and when Sara shook his hand, he bends down and kisses her hand. He was rewarded by the security guard who nearly slapped him.

This is what I mean when I say clicking selfies and even normally shaking their hand is all cool, but people need to know where to draw lines. Though Sara acted like she was all okay with it and continued to pose for pictures, you could see she was taken aback by that sudden gesture. I don’t understand why this simple thing is so difficult to understand. Just because a celebrity is being nice, doesn’t give you the license to do such creepy things.  Can you imagine how cringy it would be if someone randomly comes to shake your hand and then kisses it?  Personal space is a very important concept for everyone to understand and respect.

And besides that, this utter lack of understanding of consent is alarming. I mean, we know Indian men don’t get it, it’s definitely obvious but it’s quite scary that lines of consent would be crossed when there are several cameras around.

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Obviously, netizens left a lot of comments expressing their various views and concerns. While most of them were about how she dealt with the situation and how humble Sara is, most of them urged her to get a bodyguard since this isn’t the first time this has happened. But there was this one comment that really stood out to me. The comment read “Aisy goomy ge to kon hath nahi lagaye ga” (If you roam around looking like that, who will not touch you). I don’t know what era this person has come from but it isn’t the 21st century for sure. This is a highly regressive and disgusting mindset which needs to change ASAP.

On the work front, Sara has just returned from her trip in the Maldives and is now shooting for the remake of Coolie No 1 with Varun Dhawan. She also has the sequel of Love Aaj Kal in her kitty, which will release on Valentines Day.

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