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Katrina Kaif Dealt With An Aggressive Fan Sweetly But Fans Need To Understand The Concept Of Personal Space

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Bollywood comes with a lot of strings attached. From having the details of their personal lives splashed across newspapers every other day, to being mindful of every word they utter or every piece of clothing that they don, it can’t be easy being a celebrity. Especially when the people who you put you there, le fans, become a little too aggressive in showing their love. As has been the recent case with actress Katrina Kaif.

The Bharat actress was recently spotted at the New Delhi airport, and as is usual, she was surrounded by a bunch of star struck fans. And while celebrities are used to being approached for autographs, awkward hugs and handshakes or even selfies, there was this one particular guy, who brought all his aggression and channelised it towards getting a selfie with Katrina Kaif.

Rushing past her guards, directly invading her personal space, he stayed adamant on his demand for a selfie, while Katrina, in a very impressive and gentle manner, toned down the matter by saying, “Aaramse. waha se karo.” Calming the guy down and then taking a selfie as promised, we believe Katrina handled the way in the best way possible.

Although come to think of it, this could’ve gone south in a number of ways, had the guy been a little more aggressive or had Katrina taken offence. Having millions of followers and all that stardom is all good and rosy, but many a times it comes at the expense of one’s safety, especially in tricky situations as these. Similar situations of which have occurred previously too, where actresses like Vidya Balan, Ameesha Patel, Kareena Kapoor and many others, found themselves in uncomfortable situation around fans, who obsessed over them to a point of even stalking them.

People need to be a little more considerate and aware of the concept of ‘personal space’ especially when it comes to an actress. We need to acknowledge the fact that they may be celebrities because of the fans but they certainly are humans and we, the fans, don’t own them. And that they don’t owe you a picture, or a selfie or anything else that they do not deem fit. There may be times when an actor doesn’t feel all that good and does not want to get a picture clicked, and we need to be considerate of their feelings during those times, as opposed to getting aggressive about it. They’re humans too after all, we gotta cut them some slack.


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