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A Fan Got Too Close To Sara Ali Khan During A Selfie And We Love How She Handled It. Can We Talk About Personal Space Please?

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We know. We know you think you’re close to a celebrity because you know so much about their life. What movies they are working on, which one they are promoting, what they were wearing while they were promoting their latest movie, what they ate and when they exhaled. When you know so much about them, you have this misplaced sense of how close you are to them. You see, you know about them, they don’t know you exist – yes, despite your very desperate attempts to get noticed on Instagram by them.

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The thing with being  celebrity is that their work requires them to put in appearances thatgo way beyond just acting behind a camera and showing up for promotions. It is a constant engagement of maintaining their name, their personality and keeping up with their appearances with and around public, the people who put them in a position that lets them enjoy fame and popularity. And that also means having to entertain fans and also on occasion, pose for selfies with them. Which is exactly what the Kedarnath actress Sara Ali Khan was spotted doing, as she was seen leaving Mumbai airport.

As usual, swarmed by paparazzi and fans, the actress was graciously stopping for selfies and being very accommodating, up until the point one of the fans who was clicking a selfie with her got a little too close without realising he had conveniently invaded Sara’s personal space. Usually this is the point where either of two things would happen, either the star doesn’t entertain the person altogether leaving them clueless and selfie-less or they might just lash out and give the invader a schooling of a lifetime. But with Sara, neither of the two transpired.

A very calm and composed Sara handled the situation the best way there was, and it was by neither letting the incident slide and lead him into thinking it was okay, but also by not embarrassing him for what could be an honest mistake. The actress recoiled there for a second to ensure he does sense her disapproval for coming so close but also soon after, allowed him to take a selfie, after a thorough look of warning in her eyes. And coming from an actress so young in Bollywood, we were impressed.

But what lingered on in our minds more than how gracefully and tactfully Sara Ali Khan handled this was just easily people cross over the line of decency with celebrities. From demanding, not even requesting sometimes, an autograph or a handshake or a selfie, to actually using it as an opportunity to grope them instead or in the very disappointing case of singer Neha Kakkar, to forcibly kiss them, people need to be reintroduced to the concept of personal space.

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Just because someone is a celebrity, doesn’t mean that you get close and feel entitled to encroach or get too close. Yes, it may be part of their job to entertain you, but in no sense should it make you feel like it’s okay to overstep your boundary and make them feel uncomfortable in any capacity. They too, like most of us prefer to having a line drawn for their personal space and considering they’re as human as we are, the least we can do is respect that and not take advantage of someone being nice. Let’s not forget it’s a professional courtesy they’re extending when they are posing for selfies and that we in no way should feel encourage to trespass their personal space.

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