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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Newly Released ‘Love Aaj Kal’ Trailer

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There is something about an Imtiaz Ali movie, that makes me go weak in my knees; these make me want a guy I can experience such close, intense and intimate emotions with. And since, I am not all that good at the latter, considering my uber-single status for the past few years, I make do with living that feeling through Bollywood films and their  characters. Like Jai and Meera from my all time favorite movie Love Aaj Kal, that released back in 2009 and hit us right where it hurts, with a storyline too relatable and characters so flawed, they felt almost real. So naturally, when the news about its sequel, also named Love Aaj Kal came out, people like me were jumping with excitement to see what the story would have for us this time around.

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Starring actors Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan, in roles of Veer and Zoe, the movie dropped its trailer today, a few hours ago and well, it is safe to say that it is nothing close to what we had in mind. You see, the 3 minute long trailer, that starts by giving strong character arcs to both Sara and Kartik in their roles of Zoe and Veer, soon throws us way off course, and so hard that it we weren’t able to recover again.

Which is probably why, even after seeing the trailer for over 10 times to gain some clarity, here are the only 5 thoughts I had in my mind running on a loop –

1. The sequel to Meera and Jai’s love story, carried on by Veer and Zoe is once again going to be shown in the same format as the previous movie, jumping ships between 1990 and 2020. Except we have a feeling that this might kill the element of originality and make it rather predictable! Although we are keen to find out whether this one too, would have a strong link like Rishi Kapoor in the movie or not!

2. Sara’s character Zoe might just be the modern day woman that we all either already are or are aspiring to be. Invoking the workaholics in us, Sara’s character was too relatable to start with, especially when she admits how for her, work trumps everything. But delving deeper into the trailer and we have no idea where any of it is going, including their relationship, the 1990’s protagonist and the storyline…

3. The trailer that went on for 3 long minutes (extra emphasis on the long), kept making us wonder whether as someone who was watching it, we were supposed to be as clueless on the outside as Kartik Aaryan seemed inside the movie. Because the expressions on our face and on his, couldn’t have just mirrored so perfectly, sheerly out of co-incidence. Something in it did not piece together, and clearly we couldn’t have been the only ones feeling the disconnect!

4. Even though this movie is titled to be sold as a romantic – comedy drama, it comes across as a mystery thriller, more so for how confused, out of sync and lost it leaves us in trying to understand where the plot is really taking us. Is this a psychological thriller we know not of?

5. And we hate to say this, but because someone needs to, we will. For an Imtiaz Ali movie, the trailer was filled with dialogues, expressions, jokes and puns that made little to no sense and we wonder if this sequel to the iconic tragic love story of Meera and Jai was even worth putting together, considering just how flat they fall on a storyline that could have so much potential! Kya socha tha? Audience khush hogi? Shabaashi degi?

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