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Sorry Teenagers, We Know You’re Missing Some Clothes. Sara Ali Khan Has Them And Psst…They Don’t Look Good

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I personally believe that “dressing your age” is an outdated concept. While I do believe you need to take your emotional maturity into account while designing your style, you should never restrict yourself. Instead of dragging your wardrobe through a storm of change, you only need to update a couple of pieces. For instance, investing in dressier shoe like stilettos or start paying attention to how to dress perfectly for your body type. These small steps can instantly make you look like an adult, without taking away your sense of wonder about new styles, even if they come from Disney’s holiday collections!

Having said that, sometimes it is so difficult to decode one’s style quotient that you end up either ageing or going the other way and look even the tad bit childish. A pretty good example of this comes in the form of Sara Ali Khan’s style file. The 24-year old is yet to find her style sweet spot and has been oscillating between styles that either make her look way older to in some cases…pre-pubescent.*sigh*

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Sara has embarked on the promotional junket for the sequel to the popular film Love Aaj Kal (2009), starring alongside rumoured beau Kartik Aryan. For her OOTD, she chose a ruffled polka-dotted bandeau top from Bambah and paired it with embroidered booty shorts from Manish Arora.

First, this bandeau top has a backstory. This style of top became huge circa late 2017 when young fashion influencers on Instagram started to wear these everywhere. I was a fan too but never had the moxie to wear one because I like to stay comfy and this does not look like it would be that. It is just too childish, especially when paired with some denim shorts. Separately, the pieces might work..the top with flared white trousers and the shorts with a nice plain button-down to create contrast. But together, it looks like a 13-year old girl’s dream outfit for her first boy-girl party. Just no.

As mentioned before, Sara has struggled to find her style quotient, even after a couple of years of working with stylists. The girl is stunning but I always see her in either something very generic and unflattering…

…or her favourite plain cotton salwar suits:

It is frankly quite underwhelming. If I were given the task to style Sara, I’d put her in demure bodycon dresses and structured skirts, the girl’s enviable abs need to be seen by everyone. I would also love to see in some dressier Indian wear, gorgeous Anarkalis or tailored patialas, the whole lot. It doesn’t have to be too elaborate, just something closure to her personal style statement that we see her donning on vacations. Sara might just be one of those people who should live in their travel style staples and we won’t be too mad about that!

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