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10 Things You Will Relate To If You Are Not A Morning Person

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What is your first reaction when someone says the phrase, “the early bird gets the worm”? If you want to low-key punch them in the throat then you my friend, are not a morning person. It’s perfectly okay to believe that mornings are meant to sleep and not be productive.

There is nothing about waking up at 7 am that I enjoy and no amount of coffee at that time is going to make me. If you agree with me, then read on since here are 10 things you will definitely relate to.


  1. You hate alarm clocks with quite the passion. The fact is that you have a gazillion alarm clocks all set at 10-minute intervals up until the time you absolutely have to wake up is proof of this. Even after all those alarms, you can’t refrain from hitting the snooze button.


  1. You are willing to skip breakfast, a morning workout and sometimes (in emergency situations) even a shower just so you can enjoy those extra ten minutes of sleep. But truth be told, those few extra minutes are the most pleasurable and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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  1. People are terrified of waking you up early in the morning. If they do, they know they are in for endless death stares, a few gaalis, murder threats and a whole lot of grumpiness throughout the day. You know you’ve already murdered them like three times in your head but that doesn’t make it better.


  1. Not being a morning person automatically makes you a master at getting ready in under 15 minutes. Your mornings always go by in a daze and you know the drill by heart. Trying to shower while also brushing your teeth, combing your hair and wearing your shirt at the same time and let’s not deny the fact that you have done your makeup and tied your shoelaces in the rickshaw more than a few times. You are simply the best at multi-tasking.


  1. The only time you have seen 5 am in the morning is when you are returning home from a rager the previous night. You can’t help but scoff, and roll your eyes at your neighbours who are heading to the gym at the same time. But it’s all worth it because nothing compares to the undisturbed sleep you get after partying all night.


  1. One of the consequences that come with not being a morning person is that you are always inevitably late. Be it work, a lecture or even if you’re just meeting your friends everyone knows your “on my way” means you’ve just managed to get out of bed. Even if you do wake up on time, you’re so crabby about it that you just roll around in bed until you are late.

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  1. You have never understood what it is about early mornings that make some people all happy and chirpy when you can barely say two words. “Morning people” are like a whole different species in your books and they can get very annoying.


  1. Caffeine in any form is your best friend and soul mate. It is what prevents you from biting other people’s heads off every morning and you swear by it. As long as you get your morning cup of coffee or chai, you know you can pull off another day.

  1. All-day breakfasts are your jam (pun intended) because there is no way in hell you actually wake up to eat breakfast in the morning. At the same time though, you have so much love in your heart for pancakes and cereal. Eating breakfast for dinner is every non-morning person’s dream.

  1. Despite knowing you can’t wake up in the morning to save your life, you can’t help but watch just one more episode. And then each day goes by in a blur because you are too grumpy to function.

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