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10 Struggles You Will Relate To If You Are A Curly-Haired Girl

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The fact is, curls are tough. It is a real struggle managing them every day and you never know when they are going to act up. Whether you have thick curls, tight ringlets or super wavy hair, I think we can all agree, caring for your curls is one giant trial and error session that never seems to get over. As a kid, I had ringlets in my hair and while everyone loved it I would cry every morning just to get the knots out. Eventually, I just got my ringlets cut and that is probably the worst thing I did for my hair. Now I wish I had those ringlets. After straightening my hair throughout my teenage years, I realised how much character curly hair gives you, besides frizz. So, as a tribute to everything my fellow curly-haired girls go through, I have curated a bunch of things only we relate to. PS: Love your curls, and they will love you! Read on. This statement may or may not be true.

1. People are constantly asking you if this is your natural texture? Yes, it is and no you can not touch my curls *rolls eyes*

2. Humidity is NOT your friend. You relate to Monica from Barbados the hardest because that is how your hair looks constantly thanks to all the humidity in the city.

3. Your hair gets stuck in some of the most random objects- sunglasses, chairs, rubber bands, necklaces. Well, you get the picture. It is an everyday struggle for you.

4. Wearing your hair any other way apart from your natural curls takes you ages to accomplish. Not to mention, it should be counted as an arm workout. The worst part? It doesn’t stay any other way for too long either.

5. Going through the, “I want straight hair!” phase is like a rite of passage for you. If you’re still in that phase, trust me it’s not worth it. Also, you have always been secretly a little jealous of people with straight hair since they seem to have none of the issues you deal with EVERY DAY.

6. You’ve always had a love-hate relationship with your hair. Some days you love and embrace your curls. But on the days, it looks huge and poofy, and all you want to do is rip it out!

7. Chic bed-head look. What on earth is that? When you wake up every morning you look like a hairy monster!

8. Finding the correct hair products is so difficult and when you find them you realise you will have to spend a fortune trying to calm your hair down. Maybe sell your first born.

9. Having a good hair day is so unusual that when they do come around, you don’t even want to shower knowing that it will totally ruin it.

10. But those days do come around and you feel all fierce and like a boss lady. Those are the days you are thankful your hair doesn’t look as vanilla as it would, if it were straight.

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