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Woman Has Been Calling Husband “Baby” For Three Years ‘Cause She Can’t Pronounce His Name

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When I am dating someone, I usually call them by a cheesy nickname. “Baby”, “sweetheart”, “honeycomb”, “cutie” and maybe a few modified versions of their name. That’s just how it is. So if in a fight, I actually go and call them by their name, they should take it as a sign to abort mission and take shelter. They should know the cannon’s loose now and they better reflect on what they’ve done wrong or at least, abandon the battle. In fact, what’s funnier is that even they don’t like it when I call them by their name in a conversation because it’s never a good sign. I am sure most women do that to their boyfriend or husband.

However, this woman has a rather unique reason to call her husband “baby” and all that. Turns out, it’s been three years and she still doesn’t know how to pronounce his husband’s name right. “Ok, so I’ve been calling my husband baby for the last three years because I don’t know how to pronounce his Swedish name,” the woman said in a video on a video-sharing platform.

She went on to try a few variations saying, “It’s like raGNAR… RAGna… rAgNaR?” Ragnar dates back to the 9th century, a very famous one being Ragnar Lodbrok, a viking hero. Since then there have been several versions of the name, some latinised too! Different countries have different versions of this name. So she posed the question to her followers, “Seriously how do I pronounce his name before he sees this??” The video went viral as users were baffled that she’s been calling her husband baby for three long years.

Her husband is Swedish and she just doesn’t seem to get the pronunciation right! One user said, “PLSSS this is so funny.” Another wrote, “I feel you sis. My husband’s first name is Kapuamamalukeakua.”

Someone else wrote, “OMG hahaha, this is so funny to me – a Norwegian.” In fact, a user confessed that she too cannot pronounce her husband’s Swedish name. She wrote, “OMG me too. My husband is Swedish as well and we’ve been together seven years and I still can’t say his name right.”

Netizens urged her to make a video with her husband and ask him to say his name. I guess so for once and all, the woman and everyone else (who were so invested by now) can know. She did take the advice and her husband finally revealed how his name should be pronounced. She later posted another video, featuring her husband this time, who revealed how to pronounce his name. He said that it can be pronounced as ‘Ragnar’ in Sweden but in Finland, it could be ‘Rakknar.’ That goes like Rag-naar, if you are wondering.

But what I am really thinking about is how did he not notice that his wife didn’t take his name in three years? How do they fight? Does she go like, “You are so wrong…baby!” That’s no fight!

Clinical psychologist Dr Lisa Orban told to, “Baby talk releases dopamine which activates the reward centers in the brain, along with oxytocin (the bonding hormone) and phenylethylamine (the love chemical which causes a rush).” I guess calling her husband baby was universe’s way of getting them to bond. Either way, it worked in their favour, here’s hoping!

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According to a study by The Journal of Personal and Social Relationships, couples who used nicknames for each other felt closer and more in love. There was an increase in satisfaction and enhanced intimacy. Each couple was asked to list down the pet names they used. Those with a long list reported feeling very content and happy.

So whether you know how to pronounce your partner’s namepronounce your partner’s name or not, it’s cute to call them by adorable nicknames. “Shona”, “baby”, “honey” and more – get cheesy unabashedly!

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