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Calling Your Boyfriend *Shona* And *Jaan* Is Making Your Relationship Stronger, Science Says

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Admit it, when you’re single, all those couples calling their boyfriends cutesy names makes us want to throw up. You can’t believe couples can be so cheesy and annoying. You’re so sure that if you ever (ever!) get into a relationship, you will definitely not be doing this. Cut to a month later, you’re making googly eyes at this boy, you are in a relationship, and you’ve come up with funny and cute nicknames for your beau. Now you and your *baby* have joined the bandwagon of corny pet name callers. Gasp! But hey, apparently, it’s not all that bad! In fact, it means your relationship is rather going well.

According to a study by The Journal of Personal and Social Relationships, couples who used nicknames for each other felt increased satisfaction and enhanced intimacy. Each couple was asked to list down the pet names they used. Those with a long list also reported feeling extremely happy in their relationship!

Another study by Superdrug vouched for the fact the nicknames do have a connection with relationship satisfaction. Both studies confirmed that the usage of pet names such honey or babe was more common in the first five years of the relationship. Sigh. Eventually, the cheesy habits die but the couples still remained more content than those who kept away from addressing each other with names cutesy names.

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So even with the awkwardness around baby talk, how does it make us feel so incredibly good? According to clinical psychologist Dr Lisa Orban (as told to, “Baby talk releases dopamine which activates the reward centers in the brain, along with oxytocin (the bonding hormone) and phenylethylamine (the love chemical which causes a rush).” Who knew there was a cold hard scientific explanation supporting all cheesy name calling? This is why when you call your partner with all those sweet names, you feel so in love. Even your partner (even if they say otherwise) feels loved!

However, we’d refrain from using names such as daddy or anything remotely connected to your childhood or parents. Guys hate it the most and Superdrug’s study also suggests staying away from this.

So the next time bae gets all awkward, tell him to just live with the names you’ll keep inventing for the rest of your life!


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