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Men Reveal The Physical Traits That They Find Attractive And It Will Make You Rethink “Flaws”

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When it comes to love and dating, we worry so much about our looks because we think it’s all about that. I am not denying that it’s our appearance that first catches someone’s attention but honestly, I am so over that kind of shallow dating where you have to worry about your features. I don’t believe women should change their appearance to impress a guy. ‘Oh, he likes short hair’ and then you go chop your long tresses to seem more attractive to him. We occupy ourselves with these anxieties and wonder what men find attractive in a woman.

But here’s the thing, you will be attractive to some men and you won’t be to some. You can’t keep customizing yourself according to the preferences of guys you date. Instead, embrace your body and love it for what it is. I am not saying you should stop striving for changes. Sure, if you feel like losing weight, do it. If you feel like going for teeth whitening, do it. But do things for yourself and not because of his preferences.

I stumbled upon a Reddit thread where people discussed the “unconventional physical traits” they found attractive. And OMG, it is one that promotes body-positivity without even aiming for it. While you have trolls on social media who just want to make you feel negative, Reddit has some really adorable people. As I scrolled through it, I realised that most men actually pointed out things that women feel insecure about. We think of these things as “flaws”; we assume these are a dent in our attractiveness. But people (at least those who are worth dating) don’t see them as flaws. Only if we are able to stop scrutinizing our appearance and love what is unique to us, the world will be such a happier place. Here’s some positivity coming your way – the things we always saw as flaws but are actually what men find attractive in a woman.

1) Dark circles are attractive

Somehow, I always found men with tired eyes really attractive. You know, with a tiny wrinkle on the side when they smile or one just under their eyes. That look which shows a little sleep debt is so sexy. Sleepless nights have stories – of deep thoughts, working hard, reading a book you couldn’t keep down, or speaking till the wee hours. I didn’t know that men too liked that about women. A user wrote, “Dark circles under eyes,” and another instantly agreed, “Oh my gosh I do agree. Like a dark, brooding artist with a lot on their mind.”

2) Nose job is off my to-do list

Most of us don’t have that long, slim nose all of us deem perfect. But really, who said that ought to be the shape of perfection? Whether your nose is big, small, round, angular – it doesn’t matter and it doesn’t make it a flaw. The number of people that said they like a different nose on the thread is big! “Prominent and unusual noses forever. On men, on women, on people who don’t identify as a gender: just give me an interesting nose and I will give you my heart,” a user wrote. That’s probably why guys I dated found my nose cute!

3) A belly

I have seen women feel incredibly insecure even at the slightest sign of a tummy. Like are we pretending to not have one? I am not promoting gluttony but it’s not like a few extra inches around your waist will kill you. Plus, did you know that this thing that you considered a flaw is actually attractive to a guy who believes in body-positivity? “I love when girls have a little belly…A belly is a real and intimate thing. Idk I can’t explain it with logic I just like it.” Another guy added, “I find a woman who looks like she knows what a biscuit is and she’s not afraid to eat it much more attractive.” You can have a flat belly or a muffin top – it’s just different types of bodies.

4) Imperfect teeth

Another thing that I always found cute – in men and in women. You know how some people have one tooth slightly defying symmetry? Several people voted for this to be an attractive feature. “I don’t mind if someone doesn’t have perfect teeth. Obviously I don’t want something like a nightmare, but if someone doesn’t have the whitest brightest teeth or perfectly symmetrical smile it can add to the overall look,” a user wrote. Another person wrote about how their partner feels conscious about their teeth and smiles with mouth closed. I guess we gotta take it easy and accept that slight detours in alignment aren’t unattractive.

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5) Scars

I still have a scar on my thigh from the time when my friend’s cat scratched me. No, it isn’t a fancy story but it doesn’t bother me. The point being, scars are okay. “I kinda like scars. Especially interesting story scars,” a guy wrote and another added, “Scars are sooo sexy.”  It is surprising to know that what men find attractive in a woman is so full of body-positivity. I mean, of course there are shallow men too but we gotta wait for men like these!

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