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5 Ways Being An Independent Woman Will Transform Your Love Life

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She struts down the street with spring in her steps, flipping her hair, and walking into a room, not like she owns it but like she doesn’t care who does. There’s something about a woman who wakes up in the morning and knows what she is worth. That is an independent woman who isn’t looking for a man to complete her but to be her companion. In fact, she isn’t looking for anyone to complete her. Neither is she looking for anyone to “make her happy”.

Being independent isn’t all about paying your bills and doing your laundry by yourself. It isn’t preparing your own breakfast. It is much deeper than DIYs. It is not allowing someone to trample your self-esteem. Several people will want to stamp on your confidence like they are making wine out of your misery and will enjoy sipping on it, for their sadistic pleasure.

I believe I have grown up being pretty self-reliant, in ways small and big. From doing my drawing assignments all by myself as a kid to going for college admissions alone to paying for my parties and shopping, even back in college – I know no other way to be. But being able to have fun independently, in solitude, and taking my happiness in my own hands hasn’t been an overnight achievement.

We love being part of a group, being surrounded by people but can we content by ourselves? I believe an independent woman is fierce and super attractive. An independent woman’s dating life reflects her adherence to her own strength and that’s what makes it even better. Even if sometimes it feels like it isn’t. Here’s how your independence will make your love life so much better.

  1. Independent women will not settle for too little too soon

You have worked hard on yourself and all those times when you broke down, taught you how to stand for yourself. And to throw that away by settling for the first misogynist to walk through the door? No way! You know how you want to be treated and until you find that, you are perfectly fine by yourself. In fact, even after that! Desperate times call for desperate measures but you would rather have quality than settle for something that’s quicker.

  1. Misogynists will get filtered out

A male chauvinist cannot handle an independent woman. Sometimes, these guys come under in the guise of chivalry and care. They like doing little things for you and making you “need” them. And yes, it’s really adorable when someone does something for you, even if you are capable of doing it yourself. But men who are misogynists will act more offended than Thakur was when someone asked him for his limbs in Sholay. Your independence will help you distill the rotten ones out as you will only entertain a guy who can handle a woman’s ability to be by herself.

  1. Your relationship will have space to bloom

The thing is when we start dating we tend to expect the other person to always stick to us. You are at a party, and you want your partner to be around you at all times. Being so dependent on each other disrespects healthy boundaries within a relationship and that threatens to dissolve your individuality. It also burdens your relationship with expectations that can inhibit growth. Becoming independent will help you give each other the space you both need.

  1. Independent women are sexy

A woman who knows her worth and how to navigate through life without acting like a damsel in distress is attractive AF! It doesn’t matter if you wear a pretty dress or turn up in casuals, with some poise you can carry anything beautifully. Taking charge of what you want in bed, initiating that kiss, getting on top, and being able to give yourself amazing orgasms – it’s all so sexy. And if he doesn’t find you being an independent woman attractive, he can put his sexist penis in a glory hole.

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  1. Breakups won’t break you

Author R.H Sin’s book titled ‘She’s strong but she’s tired’ is meant for all women who are not breaking down but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. You will hurt because you invested your emotions in them but you will not lose yourself in the pain. They will be MIA from your life but the show will go on because you never ceased to be independent in the relationship. You will miss the memories but you won’t feel handicapped without them!

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