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How To Be Happy Together When You’ve Completely Opposite Personalities

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People have been saying opposites attract since forever. That’s cool, I am not here to challenge the concept, even though I feel alikes attract too. To each his own. My point is that none of these ideas come with a guide on how to handle it when things get tough. But I guess, no relationship ever comes with a manual. Which it should. So what do we do? You meet this guy and fall for him because he is so different from who you are. But then what? How do you handle your differences? How do you do things together? Because couples are supposed to be in one team, at least that’s what the old-fashioned me, thinks. If you’ve been wondering the same, stop because here are 5 ways to help you make it work with your partner if he is your opposite.

1) In difference of opinion, agree to disagree

One thing that all of us are in dire need of learning I feel is that it’s okay to disagree. You do not have to convince the other person to share the same opinions as you. If he is fundamentally your polar opposite, chances are that your opinions will vary and several times, quite strongly. Instead of throwing a fit and acting out, respect each other and acknowledge the fact that they are entitled to their perspective.

2) Introduce him to things you like and try the things he likes

All of us come conditioned and wired a certain way. While some of us are flexible and open to trying new things, some of us dismiss ideas without even giving it a shot. But here’s the thing about love – it makes you want to do things that you otherwise would not. When you love someone you want to share your happy moments with them, you’re more than willing (okay, even if it’s hesitatingly at the start) to try new things with them. Say for instance, you like camping and he doesn’t without even trying it once, introduce him to the idea and show him that it can be a thrilling experience. He may like it or he may hate it. But the good thing is he tried it. Try till you find things you both love doing!

3) But it’s okay to not do some things together

While both the partners must compromise and keep stubbornness aside, it’s great to draw some boundaries. I like to do things that I enjoy with friends who enjoy those things equally. Which is why, I have a friend to watch horror movies with, a few friends I drink and dance with, a friend who shares a similar passion for brunches, etc. You don’t have to do everything with each other. He doesn’t like dancing? Take your bestie instead. At the same time, you have to be okay with him doing things he likes (and you don’t) with his friends. Spending time apart is great and gives you a little space and time to maintain the other connections in your life.

4) Don’t be pushy and resentful

They say couples who have dated long enough begin to look like each other. I think it’s true. When we stay for a long time with a person, you adapt some of their likes, dislikes and characteristics. But that happens over time, so you gotta keep calm and give each other the space to come around. Nobody likes being pushed and nagged. Even the person pushing doesn’t like it. So take it easy, cut each other some slack and refer to point 1 in case of arguments.

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5) Make some decisions in advance

Just to avoid hassles, just act super organised and make decisions much, much, much in advance. What decisions are we talking about? List down the things you both like, things you can try out and things that you absolutely do not want to try out. These decisions can come in handy especially when you’re travelling. If you know in advance, there won’t be any unnecessary fights and you can spend your holiday loving each other instead of indulging in ‘the nation wants to know’ kinda debates.

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