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5 Things That Will Make Women Truly Happy Instead Of Gifts. Boyfriends Everywhere Should Take Note!

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Sometimes, I feel surprised by how incognisant men are when it comes to women and what we want. It’s like the section in their brain which should have all the understanding of us is nothing but a dark abyss. So I don’t know if I can expect bae to truly comprehend what I want, but that would have been ideal. You get it, right? Have you ever felt that your partner tries but fails miserably at figuring you out? When you’re fighting and he doesn’t get the point because he sees things differently. So he ends up buying you presents because hey, that’s supposed to make things right, right? Wrong! Every person loves gifts and yes, once in a while we appreciate it. But there are non-materialistic things you can do, that will make us happier than anything else. If he doesn’t know that yet, share this article with him and drop hints!

Undivided attention when we meet

When we are out in a cute café or our favourite bar, I will appreciate if bae doesn’t dig into his phone every 5 minutes. I know we’re a generation addicted to social media, but in these couple of hours, no apocalypse is going to happen on your Instagram. Be with me, like I am the only person under that roof!

Planning a date all by yourself without messing it up

You know what’s really nice? Not having to break your head over deciding what to do and where to go. Surprise us with a date night planned with things you know we’ll love. I’d totally do that for bae!

Good to be relied on

You know what makes us happier than a bunch of flowers? Knowing that we have someone to rely on. It’s not like we’re not independent but when there’s someone who can hold your hand and make it easier for you, it’s perfect. I want you there when I am having a tough time. I want you there even if you don’t think you can help. And that’s better than all the bouquets in the world.


Pampering when we’re moody

It’s not like we voluntarily decide to feel cranky. And when nothing is pleasing us and we’re feeling quite crappy, it’s your affection that totally turn our day around. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s true. All we want is to be pampered by you. Remember that will be remembered and score you brownie points you can redeem later! *winks*

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Lots of surprise hugs

Nothing, absolutely nothing cheers up more than surprise hugs. When we come and see you, instead of saying a plain hi, give us a hug that says you missed us. Hug us from behind and plant several kisses on our cheeks! That’s much more precious than buying us a soft toy.

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