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How Well Does Your Boyfriend Understand You? Take This Quiz To Find Out

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Have you ever been with someone who loves you really but just doesn’t get you? You feel frustrated because you feel like you are repeating the same point over and over again. And he still doesn’t get what really upset you. He is as confused as you at this point because it’s really not like he is not trying. So when you find someone who does understand you, you’re amazed. You look at them with surprised eyes, wondering how it is so easy with them. How well does your bae understand you? Take this quiz to find out.

Mostly As

You’re lucky to have found your true soulmate who needs no explanations from you. He understands your moods and your views almost effortlessly. It’s like you’ve truly become one!

Mostly Bs

He may not be able to read your mind or decipher your several moods. But he keeps trying. He is taking effort to get to know you better with each passing day. It’s almost like he is keeping notes of what makes you happy, your likes, dislikes, etc. And he will get better. There’s hope here!

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Mostly Cs

He may love you but you both are probably very different from each other. Which is why, he fails to understand you well. Fret not, if this relationship really means a lot to you, put effort into making it work. You both must communicate extensively and effectively. And with time, you will get there.


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