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Finding Yourself Attracted To Someone Other Than Your Partner? Here’s What It Says About Your Relationship

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Not everyone who ends up falling for someone outside their relationship has benign intentions at heart. We’ve grown up with our own set of experiences and the way we deal with situations is different from another person. We may not intend to hurt someone but sometimes we do create complications in our lives, unknowingly.

It probably all started with a tiny bit of attraction, which you didn’t admit to, even to yourself. Soon, you started enjoying his company and it started to feel nice. At this point, you were still thinking it’s just a platonic connection and you’re allowed to enjoy the company of other men. But then your emotional bond grew stronger and you began to feel drawn towards him. The thing is, when we get attracted to someone, we don’t see it coming. It wasn’t meant to happen but there you are. When you find yourself liking someone outside your relationship, maybe it’s time to introspect. It’s time to analyse what it says about your present relationship before you even figure what you want to do with your life.

1) Your needs are not being met

If you’re exporting your needs to outside your relationship, it means that they are not being met in your current relationship. Yeah, when I say that, it sounds quite obvious but sometimes we don’t realise the most in-your-face things until they are spelled out. Say you’re not getting enough time or physical affection from your partner, and you’re at your breaking point – someone comes along and offers you everything you’ve been craving. It’s time to analyse which bits are leaving you unsatisfied.

2) You’re bored

We enter a relationship thinking that we love each other so much and that the spark will never die. But monotony can dull the brightest of loves. If the thrill of a new crush and someone’s interest in you is exciting you, it’s likely that you’re bored in your relationship. And there’s plenty of ways to fix that.

3) There’s a communication gap

We all walk around with a cloud of pre-decided thoughts and biases in our head. And that leads to assumptions and less clarity. We stop communicating and that’s when the cracks start to appear. And when you’re not connected enough, it’s easier to find solace in another person.

4) You’ve fallen out of love

People fall out of love; they fall apart. There’s really nobody to blame. If you find yourself majorly attracted to someone, consider the fact that you may have fallen out of love with your partner. And think about what’s better for your mental peace.

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5) You’re not completely sold on monogamy

Monogamy is widely accepted in India, at least in theory. But how many couples are truly monogamous? If you feel you’re not quite meant for monogamy, maybe you should think about it and let your partner know.

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