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7 Things You Must Never Say To The Bride On Her Wedding Day

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Just like any other social convention, weddings to have their own set of dos and don’ts. For example, don’t sleep with the groom. Too extreme? Allow me to dial it down. You shouldn’t get drunk and pass out. And if you can’t compliment the bride, please refrain from criticising her or anything at the wedding. We all know what to say to the bride newly-wed couple, but there are certain things that we should absolutely steer clear of. You know how every wedding always has that one uncle who always says the wrong thing at the wrong time? To help you to not turn into him, here are a few things you should not say to the woman of the hour on her special day!

“How much did the wedding cost?”

Money, to begin with, is sort of a taboo topic. You don’t go around asking people their salaries, or how much that trip to Europe cost them, do you? Then why would you assume it is okay to ask them how much their wedding cost? The bride and her family know how much they spent on the wedding, why point it out and turn a joyous occasion into something super awkward? This is a big no-no thing to do at any wedding!

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Aren’t you a little too young/ old to be getting married?”

This is something I think every bride must’ve heard at least from one random wedding attendee. Age is just a number, you can’t go around telling the bride that she shouldn’t be getting married because she isn’t of a certain age deemed fit for marriage by you. What is the “correct” age to get married, anyway? While we are on this, another thing you shouldn’t be telling the bride is, “Your biological clock won’t be ticking forever!” It is her day, don’t ruin it for her.

“Everything was fine, but the food could’ve been better”

Uh, shut up! Do you know everything that goes into throwing the perfect wedding? The venue, the flowers, the caterers, budgeting everything! It is a lot of work, a lot of energy that has gone into making it the happiest day in a person’s life.You are at the wedding to celebrate the happy couple, you aren’t there as a food critic. Another thing you shouldn’t do is compare weddings. This is something a lot of Indian uncles and aunts end up doing but it is wrong at so many levels.

“When are you’ll planning a child?”

They have just gotten married, give them a breather. Asking the happy couple whether they plan to have kids soon is probably the most awkward thing that you can do. You might just be kidding around, and the couple might laugh it off with you. But remember, they are only laughing so that this conversation gets over faster. Besides, times have changed. They might not be planning a kid for like 3 years or they might not want children altogether. Consider all these points and steer clear of this topic at all costs!

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“Please tell me there is an open bar!”

Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t you there to celebrate the newly-weds and not get shit-faced? This is something you never ever ever say to any bride. If you want to drink, find the bar yourself and do not get hammered at someone else’s wedding.

“Your lehenga is so pretty, it isn’t my style but it works for you!”

Well if it isn’t your style, it is a good thing you aren’t the bride! If you want to pay a compliment, don’t do it in the most convoluted way possible. Just say, “pretty lehenga.” You don’t need to put your own style into it. She picked it out, it is her wedding lehenga no one cares if it is your style or not.

“I thought you were going to lose some weight before the big day?”

If you say this to any bride, you are way beyond the line. Maybe she did try to lose weight but it didn’t work, maybe she didn’t want to lose the weight at all. Don’t go about making her self-conscious about it, it really is a very bitchy move. You do not get to go to a wedding and comment on the bride’s weight, please remember that.

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