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5 Reasons You May Feel Sad After Sex

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Now you know that consensual sex isn’t something to cry over. You have sex with this cutie, who may or may not be your boyfriend. And yet, once it’s done, you find yourself feeling inexplicably sad. You feel even more perplexed, trying to break your head over the possible reasons for feeling this way. I mean, sure, it’s easier to feel like you’re the only one and maybe there’s something really wrong with you. But that’s not how it is. A lot of women feel sad after sex, and not knowing the reasons can put you in a spiral of self-doubt. Here are 5 reasons sex is not making you feel as happy as it should.

1) You don’t feel emotionally connected

If you’re having sex with a partner, it’s possible that the physical act of love is not doing anything for you, emotionally. Maybe, you’ve been feeling distant or unsatisfied out of bed. Which makes sex a sad experience for you – it just feels really empty.

2) Blame it on the society

We’ve grown up in a society that frowns upon pre-marital sex and always puts down a woman’s needs over a man’s. So it is possible that it could be playing at the back of your mind and making you feel guilty, subconsciously. The sooner you snap out of this, the better.

3) Your needs weren’t met

It can be frustrating and emotionally draining, if each time you have sex, it’s disappointing. A lot of women cannot orgasm from penetration alone; we require tons of foreplay and at least some amount of clitoral stimulation. Even if it is purely physical constantly feeling unsatisfied could make you sad.

4) Casual sex doesn’t satisfy you

Some of us can shut the emotional aspect out, and focus just on the physical aspect of intimacy. While some of us find it difficult, you do you. Don’t feel pressurised to have hook-ups, if you feel they don’t work for you. Also, if you’re still in love with your ex, casual sex can just end up making you feel nostalgic and sad.

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5) It could be your hormones acting up

In biology, this post-coitus sad has a real term – postcoital dysphoria (PCD.) So when you have sex, your body releases dopamine and prolactin. After orgasming, your dopamine levels go down and prolactin levels increase, which basically leaves you feeling vulnerable.

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