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5 Reasons Couples Who Tease Each Other Are Happier, According To Science

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Have you ever been with someone who pulls your leg profusely and yet it has never offended you? In fact, it makes you feel happy and you end up laughing at yourself? I think it’s the best kind of a relationship and it brings you closer, and this coming from personal experience. I was with this guy and we were hanging at his place until the wee hours. Though we had several great moments together, the one that always flashes in my head and makes me really miss him sometimes, is when we were laughing our ribs out. He pulled my leg and I threw some witty lines his way and there we were, curled up and laughing as much as on each other as ourselves.

I didn’t know it was a thing, until I found so many researches that vouch for the fact that couples who roast each other are happier together. Here are 5 very logical reasons why you should tease each other to be happier, supported by science.

1) Playfulness makes you more attractive

A study titled ‘Do lovers always tease each other?’ throws light on how couples handle laughter and witty banter. It conducted interviews with 154 couples before coming up with the observation that it had a very positive affect on their relationships. In fact, it’s even better for women because turns out when we share such playfulness with our partners, we are more satisfied. Not just that, we find men who can pull our leg, quite attractive. No wonder, I have an undying crush on Chandler.

2) Leads to a satisfying sex life

The same study also found out that people who share the same sense of humour and can enjoy a laugh together, have a more satisfying sex life. Is it because they have broken down the barriers and feel like they can be themselves around their partners? It sounds like a plausible reason to me. You shed your inhibitions and once you feel more accepted, you can bare your soul and body to them.


3) It strengthens your bond

According to a research by Appalachian State University, sarcasm and witty face-offs make your relationship stronger. We don’t give strangers the right to insult us, even jokingly. Neither do we take the liberty or bother to pull a random person’s leg. We roast the people we love and when the boundaries diminish, you know you’ve come really close. “The degree of the strength can also be assessed by the degree of insults willing to be tolerated,” the study concludes. Please note that the insults here are well-intentioned and shouldn’t be below the belt hits, masked under humour.

4) It releases stress

According to a study, indulging in a witty banter with your partner lightens your mood and releases your stress. In fact, it builds your self-esteem and you’re more content with yourself, him and life in general. Wow, it sounds like an odd request but can I please get a few well-intentioned thrown my way from a loved one? However, not all insults are positive and we must watch out. According to Psychology Today says, “Insults can be spoken in two primary manners: seriously and in jest. In the former case, harm is intended. Despite our best intentions, ill-phrased or poorly-timed jokes can do harm in much the same way that a serious insult can.”

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5) These little quirks make you unique

We don’t fall in love with perfect dolls; we fall in love with flawed human beings who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. When your bae notices your little quirks, it shows he is really paying attention and getting to know you closer. But that’s not it, he is not judging you for snoring out loud at night. He is laughing at it and loving you, with your little imperfections that make you, you. Celebrity dating coach and podcast host, Laurel House told Cosmopolitan, “When you roast each other’s quirks, you are effectively pointing out the little, sometimes ignored sides to your personalities. Those quirks tend to be the things that you love the most about your partner.”

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