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5 Things A Good Boyfriend Will Never Ask You To Do

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I am all about sisterhood; I never pull a woman down out of spite. In fact, one of the reasons I like to write about relationships is so that several other women can benefit from it and we can have our own girl gang, but online. And that way, we can at least not feel alone in what we experience. We are all in this together and we deserve love that makes us shine. We don’t need guys who suck at being good boyfriends while are being our best versions. Okay, not all the time but we are still pretty darn good. How do you know if he is a good boyfriend? There are several ways but coming down to the basics, he shouldn’t be asking you to do these things.

1) Change your appearance

A good boyfriend will love you the way you are. It shouldn’t matter what shape, size, colour you are. It shouldn’t matter if your hair is long or short and if you like to dress boho or androgynous. He lets you express yourself the way you want and will never make any ridiculous demands like asking you to get pubic region waxed or anything. My hair, my rules.


2) Give himself priority over your career/health

Unless spending hours whispering sweet nothings in his ear can make me big bucks, I ain’t falling for that. And a good guy won’t expect you to. A good guy won’t make you ditch important work meetings. If he expects you to stay up late every night talking and you reach work looking like a hybrid between a panda and a startled cat, he is no good. No offence to pandas and cats.



3) Cancel your plans with your bffs

If every time you make an exciting plan with your besties, he interferes like shani in your kundali, fuck no. A good boyfriend understands that you need to maintain other important connections in your life and supports you with it. What’s romantic is him waiting for your drunk selfies and pulling your leg the next day about how you forgot grammar while drunk texting him the previous night. That guy is the shiz!

4) Anything you’re not comfortable doing

For instance, if you hate giving a blowjob and when you refuse, he acts as if you’re snatching away his birth right as a proud dick owner, he’s no good. Ideally, a great partner will never force you or push you to do things you aren’t comfy doing.

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5) Choose between him and your loved ones

He understands that you value your people and he will never put you in a tough spot. That’s true love and anything else is just selfish. If you are ever dating a guy who asks you to choose, ditch him and choose your sanity instead.

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