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These Gunny Sack Pants Has Twitter Thinking What Modern Fashion Has Come To. Honestly, We Don’t Understand What In Fashion Hell This Is

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We have come across some batshit crazy fashion items in recent while that leave us bewildered. I mean, how do you explain ripped Gucci stockings that I could DIY at home in $0 or Zara’s exaggeratedly holey top that would probably make me look homeless (okay, a cute hobo maybe)? If that’s what modern fashion looks like, I am not sure I want any part of it. Why am I saying this is because there is another quirky trend in town and it is gunny sack pants!

You know how people say ‘the woman could wear a sack and still look amazing’ when they want to assert that she could be wearing a gunny sack and make it looks super fashionable? Yeah, you might not hear that anymore. Because you see, gunny sacks are apparently more than just packaging bags for rice, sugar and other grocery items to be stacked in your storeroom. It is being considered fashion-forward and are having a moment in the fashion world. Who’s buying them? We are not sure.

Shefali Vaidya, an author took to twitter recently to share a snap of a pair of sack pants in a clothing store and wrote, “I will NEVER understand modern ‘fashion’. Why would anyone pay good money to buy this from a high fashion store when your neighborhood tailor can stitch it for you from discarded gunny sacks from your kirana store?” Honestly, we don’t have an answer for that.


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This is not the first time that a fashion brand has pulled off an entirely ridiculous fashion item. Be it filthy, grass-stained jeans by top luxury brand, Gucci or blanket bags sold as handbags by Balenciaga, brands have often tried to sell weird and wacky clothing items under the name of street fashion. What’s crazier is that there are people who legit shell out thousands of bucks and buy this stuff. Oh, the whims of rich fashion fanatics, I tell ya! Talking about the sack pants, seems like someone really got inspired by the sack race they participated in during their school days and came up with this peculiar dressing concept.

A little research showed me that the fabric is actually very similar to Hessian burlap a fabric, finer than jute, that is a prominent packaging material in USA and Canada. It is often used in clothing by brands and burlap sack dresses have made it to the runway as well. Designers like Alexander McQueen and Dolce and Gabbana have used this fabric in their collection for dresses and celebrities like Marilyn Monroe have been spotted in similar sack dress. But then, she is someone who could actually wear a sack and make it look ravishing, so…


Other similar fashion clothing made of storage bags were flour sack pants which became huge and actually looked cute. While it’s great to reuse the otherwise wasteful sacks and repurpose them into a fashion items, these pants might not be the best way to do it. Twitter’s response on the gunny sack pants was hilarious. A user wrote, “Fashion means to do or dorn stupid things & present it as cult. Elites have excess time & money to spend & hence, mostly they indulge in such stupidity. [sic]”

Another user wrote, “The maximum we could see of this joke of a garment is an Instagram pic of some celebrity wearing it with some beautiful background like a beach or tropical forests or something.” And they are right. It would take a celebrity to step out in these pants for it to become a fashion trend and next thing we’ll know is that everyone’s dressed in a sack.

Fashionable or not, these pants look highly uncomfortable and don’t look aesthetically pleasing as well. Maybe in a perfect fashion world, some day, there could be a pair of gunny sack pants that have it in them to become a go-to fashion pick, but it is not here, not now. We’d stick to our regular cotton pants till then. Thank you, next!

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