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5 Fashion Looks Fresh From The Runway That Are Totally Bizarre.

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Every year, September is dedicated to high fashion/bizarre fashion. The month is bifurcated into the big four fashion weeks where the biggest designers present their coveted collections for the next season in fashion capitals of the world, New York, London, Paris and Milan. This year’s fashion weeks were specifically different for a lot of reason, one being the global crisis aka the pandemic. Runways went digital and designers did their best to merge technology with creativity to bring the most unique and imaginative fashion experience to the world.

There were cinematic fashion films, puppet shows with marionette dolls in place of real-life models and digitised front row seats with fashion biggies in virtual attendance. Although these innovative makeshifts weren’t the only things that stole the spotlight on the catwalk. It was also some bizarre fashion looks sent down the runway that made fashion buffs raise their brows.

This is nothing new. With some chic and sophisticated looks, some weird and totally outrageous looks also make an appearance on the ramp every season. They are eccentric, quirky and sometimes completely berserk. Basically, the trends that are a bit too much. But who wants a jaded runway anyway, right? These jazzy looks are what we fashion lovers live for. We might not necessarily take them to streets (you can if you dare), but it’s always exciting to see fashion that goes wild.

Here are some fashion looks from the latest fashion weeks, aka the Summer Spring 2021, that were deemed guilty of being a bit weird. Don’t be surprised if you spot them next year, because you could. Because bizarre fashion sticks.

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Kenzo Beekeeper Outfits

We have come to know two kinds of people in the pandemic – the kind that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the virus and the other ones are sensible and take the guidelines seriously. At the fashion week, Kenzo (may he rest in power) introduced us to the third kind. This one is totally paranoid and wears this fashionably protective gear that extends from your hat to your feet, covering you from head to toe, because ricks nahi lene ka. This beekeeper-inspired outerwear has got to be the most practical fashion trend to be born in the pandemic. Don’t know about corona, but it can certainly protect you from bees. So, who’s up to trying it?

Paco Rabbane Metal Heel Boots

I personally look forward to the shoes that stomp down the runway because one, I am crazy about shoes (who isn’t) and two, more often than not the real drama unfolds thigh down. Shoes happen to be the most extravagant and artistic element in most of the collection. This season had its own share of quirk in the shoe department, and one that takes the cake is Paco Rabanne black boots with metal rod soles snubbing for the old-fashioned heels. Here I was just starting to get comfortable wearing pencil heels and now I have to get used to walking on a freakin’ metal rod? Ugh. Bizarre fashion got more weird.

Schiaparelli Gold Glasses

Schiaparelli presented a gorgeous collection this season featuring sheer blouses with gold nipples and tailored pantsuits again with gold details. The mantra clearly was go gold or go home and their chunky gold jewellery ruled the runway. However, things got too weird too fast when the models strutted down the catwalk with metallic gold masks, and get this, gold glasses with enamel and blue eyes encrusted in the centre. All eyes were on these gold glasses, but we aren’t sure if the models could see in those. Quite ironic!

Balmain Snazzy Sharp Suits

There’s blinding neons, there’s (way too) sharp, exaggerated shoulder and there’s that oversized jacket with bell bottom pants. Just when you thought it couldn’t get anymore out of your wearable league, high fashion proves you wrong. It won’t be wrong to say it is not for the fashion minimalist, and definitely not for the faint of hearts. Let’s just say it was a bit too much to handle. The shoulder pads, a Balmain signature, are basically reaching for the skies this time, but for what? To tear it apart with that pointy finish? You cannot wear these in crammed metros and local trains for sure. Oh, maybe it was created to maintain social distancing. Now it makes sense.

Givenchy Three-Toed Socks And Sandals

Givenchy went all out this season with its boxy leather cape and mesh tops that looked got a huge thumbs down. However, it was the three-toed socks and sandals that made everyone go WTF. We love fashion that’s futuristic, we do. But as far as I know there’s no evidence of people evolving to having feet with three toes instead of five in the future. It is kinda impractical and just looking at it is making me squirm. Some even noticed the uncanny resemblance of the footwear to the paws of cartoon character Scooby Doo. Givenchy haters will say its crazy, lovers will say the same. Some will call it bizarre fashion.

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