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Gauri Khan Reveals Her Mom ‘Remote Controls’ Mannat And Its Staff From Delhi. Umm, That Is Bizarre

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I know celeb gossip isn’t something we should be focusing our attention on, what with the things happening in the country right now. But this piece of information that I recently came across felt a little weird. So I’m just checking if that’s the general sentiment or is it just me. You know how normally, parents interfering in the lives of their grown-up, middle-aged children is discouraged? Well, Gauri Khan has recently revealed that her mother, Savita Chhiba, practically remote-controls their home and its staff. You know, the palatial mansion she shares with hubby Shah Rukh Khan and their three children. Yep, that house gets controlled by someone, all the way from Delhi. And this apparently includes details like what and where the staff needs to clean! Is it just me, or is that a little weird?

But wait, first context. In a recent interview with NDTV, Gauri Khan spoke in detail about her lockdown life. Now as most of you must be aware, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s love story is quite filmy, much like the Bollywood romances common in that time. SRK and Gauri were sweethearts. But due to their different religions, Gauri’s parents didn’t much approve of SRK. It took a lot of effort, and we all know resisting SRK’s charm is not easy! The couple finally got approval from Gauri’s parents and got hitched in 1991. Turns out, since then, Gauri’s mom,  Savita Chhiba, has shared a rather easy camaraderie with her son-in-law. At least enough to remote-control the running of Mannat.

“I have learned so much from her, she is basically handling my home through remote control, via messages and phone calls. She has been a huge helping hand,” said Gauri Khan.

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Okay, fair. We’ve seen this a lot, where mothers-in-law, both bride’s and groom’s, tend to exert control over their the couple’s homes. And a little bit of it might not even be bad, if it’s a help in their time of need. Or if the parent is present physically in the house that is being run thus. But here’s where it gets a bit weird for my taste. Auntie toh Dilli mein hai!

“Most of my organisation has been remote-controlled by my mum, who is in Delhi. She is on the hotline with the staff, pictures going back and forth, WhatsApp messages…. ‘This space is dirty and this needs a full cleanup, this needs sanitisation’ and all that goes on. It keeps her busy and it keeps my staff in check.”

Yeh thoda zyada nahi ho gaya?

I’m assuming the Khan fam is all present at home, and pretty much capable of telling their staff basic directions to clean and cook. It is bit bizarre that someone all the way from Delhi needs to conduct WhatsApp conversations and Zoom meetings (hyperbole!) to oversee everything! What’s more, I’m trying to imagine the staff’s distress over this!

Gauri also spoke about how hubby, Shah Rukh Khan, has turned chef for the duration of the lockdown, because the family is too scared to order food from outside. “During this lockdown, we were initially scared to even order any food from outside. So ‘ghar ka khana’ is made by Shah Rukh himself and we are enjoying it. He loves cooking and I enjoy eating.” Makes sense, since during his appearance on David Letterman’s Netflix show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, SRK was shown cooking in his kitchen, telling the late night show host how he is developing his culinary skills.

And that’s my point, right? If the family can manage food on their own, this basic adulting business of running your home shouldn’t be that hard, no? It’s just bizarre to let your mom do it for you from some 1500 kms away!

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