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Neena Gupta Told Masaba Gupta That Marriage Is Important To Get Society’s Respect. We Don’t Entirely Agree.

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Neena Gupta is one of my favourite actresses. Actually, she is one of my favourite people. Of course, she has no idea I exist or that I stalk her Instagram account more regularly than I care to admit. From her candidness to her amazing sense of humour, Neena Gupta never fails to impress. However, while I usually think all the advice she gives is top-notch, this time I am not sure I agree with her. You see, she once told her daughter, Masaba Gupta, that society won’t respect you if you don’t get married. 

Yes, I know that to a certain extent, it’s true. Society does frown upon unmarried women and it gives all those inquisitive neighbourly aunties something to talk about. Thank you, rigid patriarchal society. However, that being said, it’s something we need to change. Just because a woman chooses to remain unmarried doesn’t mean she is any less respectable or accomplished. People have lost track of the fact that marriage is an option, not a compulsion. 

This is precisely why we were a little surprised to see Neena Gupta give such advice. Because, correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t she the same person who said she would rather her daughter have a live-in relationship than marry? What happened to that progressive attitude? 

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You see, in a recent interview with TOI, Neena Gupta was talking about her decision to marry Vivek Mehra. She said that Masaba was curious about why she wanted to marry him. That’s when Neena told her that marriage is important because otherwise, society won’t respect you. 

In the interview, she said, “Frankly, I didn’t have to tell her. Vivek and I were going around for eight to 10 years; he used to come down to my house in Mumbai and I often used to go to Delhi. But yes, precisely speaking, when I told Masaba that I want to get married, she wanted to know why. I told her that marriage is important if you have to live in this society else you don’t get respect.”  

For the first time, I am not sure I agree with Neena Gupta. I mean, it’s not necessary to be married if you want to be respected. After all, marriage is not the defining factor. Let’s take her own daughter for instance. Masaba isn’t married but she is one of the most talented and respectable designers of our time. So yeah, forgive me, but I am a tad confused as to why, out of all the people, Neena Gupta would give such regressive advice? 

In the same interview, she went on to say, “Masaba understood me. Masaba is one person who will do anything for her mother’s happiness whether she likes it or not. So, I was not worried. I was just feeling a bit awkward in telling her that.” 

Why would Neena Gupta give such advice?

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