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#Dupesday: Bobbi Brown’s Iconic Brick Highlighter’s Dupe Is For Rs. 349 Only

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When I apply makeup, I ensure that the eyeshadow is great. That the blush is just perfect and my contouring is bomb AF. But even if everything is on point and I am not glowing, and by glowing I am not talking about what having a good skincare routine will bring about, I am talking about radiance a highlighter will offer me. If most of you makeup junkies understood what I mean then high-five, the rest of you can take a seat and read this article about the importance and my personal obsession with a highlighter.

I love applying highlighter. I say that with a lot of passion and love for it. At some point, I dip myself so vigorously in highlighter that the aliens have confused me for the sun. Yes, I’m a little extra with the application. Don’t judge me! Anyway, aliens are easily confused.

So, recently while I was on a shopping spree for a highlighter I came across Bobbi Brown’s brick highlighter that’s so delicious, it almost made me sell my property. Okay, I am exaggerating, it’s not that expensive, but you get the point. I really wanted that highlighter, but it was just too expensive unless we really had “ped” where “paise ugte hai” – the one my mom refers to regularly.  But sadly that’s not a real thing. Ugh, reality.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact

Bobbi Brown is one of the most famous and loved brands globally. Even though their prices burn my pocket, some of their products are worth investing in and their highlighter happens to be that. The brick highlighter consists of 5 shades of highlighters ranging from pearl to a copper. The first time that I swiped this on the high points of my cheek, I knew I wanted this, but my bank balance laughed and that was that. I loved how easily it glided on my skin and gave me the perfect diva shine that I deserved *hair flip*. And the pigment – OH MY GOD. Don’t even get me started on how beautiful the amalgamation of these shades looked on my skin. Even the confused aliens were appreciative of how beautiful it was once the chaos about me being the sun cleared up.

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Swiss Beauty Brick Highlighter – 01

There are definitely many highlighters out there that do the job, but this was something else and I couldn’t find one..until I did. My researching skills are awesome, I should probably join the FBI or something. The Swiss Beauty brick highlighter is almost the same, but cheaper. As soon as I established this, I placed an order and waited for it to arrive. I think I had even skipped work in anticipation. Shh, don’t tell my boss who will edit this article. Thank you.

When it arrived I was the happiest child or adult or both. I applied it and the application was very similar to the Bobbi Brown highlighter.  It glided so beautifully on my skin I let out a moan. Yes, I am turned on by makeup, get with it. This highlighter comes in two other colours as well – nude and blush. And the best part is that it’s for Rs. 349 ONLY. So, go and get your hands on this beauty or if you feel like getting a more luxurious version of this,  then you have Bobbi Brown as well.


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