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This #Dupesday, We Found The Perfect Dupe For The Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

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If you’ve been reading my articles on Hauterfly, then first of all, thank you. I thought only my editor and I were even glancing in this direction. Secondly, you will know that I am a makeup junkie but a broke one so I am willing to part with pocket change to actually procure products. The thing is, I am a big fan of eye makeup, and now I have a bunch of eyeshadow palettes to play around with. What I didn’t know (yes, basic me) that eyeshadow needs concealer to seal the deal. I was introduced pretty late to concealer. The name pretty much gives away its job profile. It basically conceals all the panda eyes and the pesky pimples that are on your face, if you have the right kind of concealer. I took a lot of time to get one for myself but now that I have one (or too many!), I am never going back.

As I watched makeup videos online I realised that Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer is the best one to exist, but to my dismay, it wasn’t available in India. So, I had to conduct my own research until I finally found that one that was remotely as good as Tarte’s. Tarte is a big name in the makeup industry and a lot of MUAs swear by their products. If you are still on the search of a good concealer then look no further because I have found one that works exactly like this cult product and is available right here in India.

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Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

I was introduced to this concealer through the many, many bloggers I watch all night. I mean, I had panda eyes that needed to be hidden with this cult favourite concealer and they swore that this was the next best thing after slices bread, so I believed them.  Anyhoo, I went to Tarte’s website to read everything about it. The best part is that the website automatically changed the currency to rupees which means they deliver here. But, my only concern is was the customs that will come along with this fabulous concealer. I read the reviews and people mentioned that the concealer glided on smoothly and blended like a dream covering so much, it’s a surprise the FBI doesn’t use it.. It doesn’t flake, hides wrinkles and gives a very mattifying natural finish to your whole look. I won’t lie, but I think I might’ve cried knowing I won’t get this…easily. That’s when I knew I needed a concealer that was close to the iconic Tape Shape and I found one.

And ladies and gentlemen, this is it. This is the dupe. I am talking about the PAC Spotlight Liquid Concealer. It comes at a much lower price than the Tarte one but does the same job and *whispers* maybe even better? As soon as it arrived, I immediately applied this under my eyes. Oh. My. God. I was a new person. My dark circles were concealed for good and I was shocked by the result. It applied smoothly under my eyes and blended perfectly with my skin tone. The best part is it wasn’t cakey and definitely not patchy. It even hydrated my under eyes making it look fresh all day long. This is the best dupe I have ever found!

This is the concealer we didn’t deserve. But have anyway!

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