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#BrokeBeautyLover: I Found A Highlighter For Rs 399 And It Makes Me Glow Like A Goddess

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If they had support groups for people who would spend all their monies on highlighter, then I would totally be in one of them. I would be that person who introduces themselves enthusiastically and then continues to list the benefits of highlighter while everyone stares around awkwardly. Basically, I love anything that has glitters or sparkles. And while I am willing to see someone about this, mainly a makeup artist, I am going to put it out there that I simply cannot carry on without highlighter.

I realised that I had way too many expensive highlighters and that I might be a hoarder when my entire bag was all glittery and I thought all my prayers had been answered by the gods of bags but it was that a highlighter had exploded. ‘Cause the careless clumsiness in me can wake up any time and I end up breaking several products. So, I wanted something solid. And I don’t mean just the packaging. I mean the price and the size should be  perfect to make my pocket happy. As you all know that I am such an amazing researcher I did my research and I found the one. This is my holy grail.

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I discovered the brand Sugar Cosmetics early on but I didn’t know how good they were. You have to try their products because the quality of the product is pretty cool, it’s affordable and that’s very rare to find in this expensive world of makeup. And for a lot of makeup junkies like me, it’s important that the makeup on the daily, delivers and is pocket-friendly. From their eyeshadows to their lipsticks, I swear by their products.

And luckily I found my perfect mini highlighter that fit in my budget. It’s like the gods of highlighter heard my prayers and blessed me with their Contour De Force Mini Highlighter. It’s a mini highlighter because god knows no one gets through highlighters. And it is lightweight so it is easy to carry everywhere with you. I picked up the shade Metal Medal which is the perfect golden highlighter, especially for Indian skin tone. It gives my skin a golden glow that’s subtle but also makes me look like I have the best skin ever. The pigmentation of this highlighter is what dreams are made of. One glide across the pan and you’ll have a thick layer to swatch on your hands. The soft texture of the highlighter makes for easy blending. It also doesn’t leave your skin with powder-y or patchy look. Just a beautiful natural shine for the days you don’t want to makeup.

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